April Vacation

Last week was April vacation for Jon and the girls. I took the week off from blogging and now I’m trying to remember everything we did! We started the week by getting the girls their passports. Marlene booked our St. Marten trip this week and Chloe has been counting down the days! 

Most of the week was spent outside so I have LOTS of pictures!! We took the kids hiking a couple of times. We brought out the bikes for the girls to ride. We took a trip down to visit our parents for the day on Wednesday. The girls got to spend the day playing with Colton. We met the Desmarais girls at the zoo on Friday while Jon took Emma to look at colleges. We went shopping for dresses and shoes on Saturday. We took our first Drive in Movie trip of the season on Saturday night. We saw The Croods. We finished off vacation week by watching Megan’s first lacrosse game. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

That’s my number 30! 

I wish vacation weeks didn’t go by so fast. We’re now counting down the days until summer vacation. 

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