Recent iPhone Photos

Oh how I miss my camera!!! I haven’t had time to take it out and take pictures lately. I mean, I haven’t had time to do anything but sit here and snuggle with this sweet little baby boy. Luckily I have a few moments from this past month captured on my phone

Lucy’s bestie from across the street went to Disney a few weeks ago and brought her back this adorable necklace. I told Tracey that we needed them for us too 🙂

Colton and Craig got to meet Beckett this month

Yup, Beckett is always attached to me

He is constantly getting love from his sisters . We can’t wait until Emma gets home for thanksgiving so she can love him up too. 

  his sister’s friends love him up too

I find lots of selfies on my phone. I think they miss my camera too.

Candy land games take place a few times a week

I love all of his little expressions 

Jon taught Milo how to build a fire last weekend. He’s gonna need those fire building skills once he moves to Minnesota.

Lucy has to say goodbye to her good friend Esme this week. They packed up their house and are heading half way across the country. We’re all a little sad about it. They’ve been such great neighbors these last 8 years. There was always something comforting knowing that Gretchen was there in case I wasn’t home in time to get one of the girls. Megan will miss babysitting the kids too. We wish them all the best on their new adventure!! 

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