Recent iPhone Photos

Beckett finally made it to the grandchildren growth wall. A little late and now on the other side 😉

Every time we go to visit our parents Jon makes me drive through the old neighborhood. Our old house looks so little to me now.

Or maybe it’s because this one is so big. 

Megan and Marina were named 2017-2018 cheer captains! 

She got her drivers license 

And went to NYC. April was the month of Megan.

The weather is finally nice enough to spend time outside. We’ve been trying to take advantage of it as much as we can. The winters can be so long up here and it kinda sucks sitting in your house for three straight months.

We spent a morning with Beckett’s girlfriend, Gioia. 

Beckett melted the heart of another one of his sisters friends.

Potterybarn liked Beckett’s photo

I tried to get Beckett to sit still and gave him a crayon and paper to draw with

That lasted about 10 minutes before he turned to the wall to show his artistic skills

Oh, Beckett 

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