Life Lately….According to my iPhone


I took Beckett and Lucy to the park a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time that Beckett was old enough to run around on his own. He had a blast!!


We replaced our driveway at the end of April. Jon started tearing it up himself and realized that probably wasn’t the best idea. He called our friend and neighbor to come over and help. Thank God or I’m pretty sure he’d still be working on it. Kidding. Jon worked SO hard and I couldn’t get over how much work he did! It was a HUGE job! Beckett LOVED watching him and then watching all the big trucks and machines come down a couple of days later. He spent most of his time looking out the window.


My mom had a big birthday last month. She and my dad went on a cruise and when they got back we all went over to celebrate her! Happy Birthday, mom!!


Jon and I had a nice date night in Boston. We went to a few different bars to watch the Celtics game and then ended our night by going to a record shop. It’s the same dates we had about 20 years ago. Wanna feel old? Go to bars in Boston on a Friday night. Everyone in there was Emma’s age! HAHAHA!


Yup, that’s right. The kids in the bar are Emma’s age, she just turned 21!! Happy Birthday, Emma!!


Megan got her first car!! Man, this update is really making me feel super old. She looks absolutely adorable in it.

More pictures from the month:


I love that guy and this crazy, busy life we share together.



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