Life, This Week

I have 600+ photos on my phone from the last 10 days. This summer has been kinda funny, we’re either really busy or really bored. The weather this week has been horrible!! Hello… 58 degrees yesterday!! So the past few days definitely fall into the boring category. 

Last week we spent the afternoon and evening with Kirsten and her family. They just put in a new pool and the kids had a blast! 

I just love that picture up above of Kirsten feeding our babies. We’ve been friends since fifth grade and have gone through EVERYTHING together. Those two sweet little babes are our rainbow babies ❤️ 

We had a ton of fun that day and maybe a little too much wine 

Before the weather turned spring like, it was HOT HOT HOT!! 

He was hamming  it up until he heard something in the woods

Getting all five of these kids to sit down and take a picture for me has been hard lately! Seems like someone is always missing. 

Sometimes I find cute selfies on my phone and I want to keep them forever because I know that next year this little girl will be off to college and I won’t find these gems from her anymore

Beckett and I are always taking selfies too! 

Speaking of Beckett, this little boy has hit the toddler picky eating phase. It is so hard to get food into this boy lately!! It’s frustrating because he used to be such a great eater and now I’m constantly worried that he’s not getting enough calories throughout the day. Yesterday he sat down and ate about 30 mini pretzel sticks with hummus. Yay!! 

I heard about a frozen yogurt place that sells Dole pineapple soft serve, like the kind I obsess over in Disney, so we took a ride out there to see if it was any good. It was absolutely delicious!! If it was 20 degrees warmer I would’ve closed my eyes and pretended I was in the Magic Kingdom. 

Lucy started gymnastics this week and she’s loving it!! She and her friend got moved up to the 10 year old class so she’ll start that next week. 

I have to throw this last picture in here because Beckett was climbing the rails while I was on the computer and I kept telling him to get down. He would turn his little face around, look me right in the eyes and yell “get down”. like he was totally mocking me. He’s such a little stinker!! 

Let’s hope that the weather starts to warm up so we can get on with all the fun summer activities we have waited all year for. 

Happy Weekend!! 


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