Emma’s field hockey team had their annual “pink” game. The entire stadium was decorated in pink. Both teams had their “pink” shirts on. I am so proud of all the players and parents who volunteered their time and money for such a great cause. 


Megan and I showing our support. 

Lucy’s Dream House

On the way home from the store this morning Lucy said to me, “I’m going to draw my dream house when I get home.”

As soon as we walked in the door she grabbed her crayons and a piece of paper and got straight to work.





Her dream house is pink with lots of flowers and butterflies. There is even a little tooth fairy flying by. Perfect!

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A Fall Saturday

We had such a nice day on Saturday. This was the first Saturday Jon had off in a while. We took the girls and Megan’s friend Paige to the farm in the morning.

ImageImageImageImageImageLater on in the day Jon started working on the wood pile. Hoping to finish it up soon! The girls and I stacked it while he cut.


ImageI spent most of Sunday sick in bed but

I woke up this morning to some gorgeous views in the backyard.