A Little Throwback and an Introduction 

When Lucy was little we used to stop at a local farm once a week during the fall. We always made this stop on our way up to Trader Joe’s.

Armed with a pocketful of quarters for feeding the animals and an appetite for apple spiced donuts we would head out for an hour of fun. 
Sometimes we would take a friend

Sometimes we would take a sister

Once in a while the entire family would join us

But most of the time it was just me and Lu

I’ve posted here a few times about how much I loved stopping there with Lucy. Once she went to kindergarten it actually hurt to drive up to Trader Joe’s alone. I missed my little partner. 

On Beckett’s birthday Lucy begged me to stay home so she could spend the day with us. I was hesitant because we had already had his party and I didn’t plan on doing anything fun that day without the rest of the family. I told her that if she could come up with something fun and local for us to do she could stay home.  She told me she wanted to go to the farm. It’s like I had a big sticker on my head that said SUCKER. There was no way I would say no to her skipping school now. So we found as many quarters as we could and headed over to the farm.

The weather was perfect and it was late enough in the afternoon that the field trip kids were gone. I couldn’t help noticing so many other mamas with babies, toddler and little preschoolers making their own memories over on that great farm. I was so thankful that Lucy came up with the idea to bring Beckett. He enjoyed watching and petting the animals but wasn’t so sure about sitting next to all the pumpkins. Ha! I hope he grows up to love this place as much as we do. 

Thank you Lucy for letting me relive some of the fun memories that day. But,  I still miss you TONS when I stop at Trader Joe’s 💕

Beckett James, Month 12


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You’re an entire year old, little bubba!! img_6406

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel the night before you turned one. Was I supposed to be sad that there wasn’t a “baby” in the house anymore? I love having babies around BUT I LOVE TODDLERS EVEN MORE!! There, I said it. Babies are cute and cuddly but toddlers are FUN! And ENERGETIC! And SWEET! And SILLY! And I honestly couldn’t wait! But, I enjoyed every moment of rocking you on your “last” night of babyhood. Which is kind of silly because you’re still obviously a baby🙂

Likes: You love all things “boy”. You love playing with your cars and trucks. You love playing outside and already enjoy getting dirty. You love balls and Lucy’s tweety bird baseball bat. You love being outside in your car and on your swing. You LOVE your daddy right now and are starting to become a major daddy’s boy


Dislikes, being told no. That’s about it. You’re happy as long as we let you do what you want. HA!

Eats: Still nursing 5-6 times a day with no end in sight. You have a yogurt and banana every morning for breakfast. Lunch is always tricky because I feel like I’m giving you the same thing all the time: mac and cheese or sandwiches. Dinner is whatever we’re eating and you are NOT picky at all.


Sleeps: NOPE! You started sleeping through the night at eleven months but the last three weeks have been TOUGH! You are getting up two to three times a night and I can’t figure out why. You refuse to put yourself back to sleep and won’t stop crying until I go in there.


You wake up super happy though, so I can’t complain too much.

Wearing 12 month clothing, size 3 diapers, size 2 FP and size 4 sneakers



Milestones: You still have six teeth and can point to them whenever I ask. You can also point out your nose and your belly. We’re still working on the other body parts🙂 You can say the words: teeth, horse, cheese, down, dog, ball, mama, dada and baba (your grandfathers). You recognize all sorts of commands, climb the stairs, wave hello and good bye. You clap your hands when I start to sing patty cake or if you’re happy and you know it. You are cruising along the furniture and like to hide on me and then laugh when I find you. You are full of so much energy and are the happiest, silliest little boy I have ever met.



So, I’m not sad at all that the baby stage is over. I am SO excited to watch you learn and grow into the little boy you’re supposed to be. That doesn’t mean that I won’t rock you a little longer at night or hold you a little longer during the day. I love you, Beckett James. Happy Birthday!!



Beckett’s First Birthday Party


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I didn’t take as many pictures as I hoped to at Beckett’s party. I planned on having my camera out all day so I could capture all of his first birthday moments. He was such a good boy and had so much fun with his cousins and friends. But, it’s JUST TOO HARD to be the photographer at a party you’re throwing. There were too many people to chat with and babies to love on. It’s really the first party in a long time where the house was filled with babies and little kids again. img_2427img_2435img_6291


It rained, so our outside football tailgate party got moved inside. Jon did make his famous jambalaya outside though and it was DELICIOUS!


I’m pretty sure that his new giraffe toy was his favorite. He sat on it this morning while eating a bowl of Joe’s O’s.


LOVED his little Beckett #1 shirt that my friend made for him.


I’m missing some of the other kids that were here yesterday but we love them too!!!


He LOVED his football cupcake!!

I can’t believe that an entire year has gone by since my due date. My baby is turning one this week!!!

Thank you to all our family and friends for making his first birthday such a special day!!


Five Things From the Weekend

One: Lucy had been asking all week to get her ears pierced so we took her after school on Friday

After we left she talked about all the piercings she wants to get in the future. Ha!

Two: after getting her ears pierced we went over to Starbucks and I got my first ever Pumpkin Spiced Latte. 

It was so good that I actually went back the next day with Chloe and got another one. Lucy got my other favorite, a green tea.

Three: the weather turned cooler so we spent a lot of time cooking fall favorites

Four: Beckett took his first ride in the car grocery cart and loved it! His seatbelt was broken so Lucy volunteered to hold on to him

He tried stealing all of the slim jims 

Five: we went back to the apple orchard since our first outing was cut short by a poop explosion 

Recent iPhone Photos

I’m really trying to keep up over here but life is SO busy! 

Megan and Chloe are in the middle of their fall sports. So we’re spending a lot of time going back and forth to the high school 5-7 days a week. Not complaining though, I love it! 

But it’s not all work and no play. Jon and I have been having lots of dates lately. Having five kids so spread out in ages can be challenging and lots of work but it’s so nice to have teenagers who are willing to watch Lucy and Beckett so Jon and I can get out for a little while. 

Lots of dinners and a movie last week. Ha! Megan loved that picture so I had to include it. 

Jon tiled the backsplash in the kitchen last week

I love it! He did such a great job. 

Emma took me out for a tea date 

Chilly mornings at the bus stop

Gorgeous afternoons are spent outside

The weather is supposed to turn cool tomorrow so we’re all looking forward to a chilly first weekend of autumn! 

Apple Picking

We did our annual apple picking date with the kids this weekend. It was a quick 10 minute Apple picking date because as soon as we got out into the orchard I realized that Beckett had a major diaper blow out. Not the kind of day I had hoped for but I did get a few cute pictures. 

We’ll definitely be back out there a few more times this fall. Chloe already started baking! 

I love fall!!

Beckett James, Month 11

Oh sweet Beckett!! 11 months!! Last year at this time I was waddling around the apple orchards waiting for you to make your arrival. Every day I was sure that “today was the day”. Your sisters came early and so would you. Boy, was I wrong. IMG_1307

You have definitely proven to be different from your sisters. At 11 months, you are already a wild man with a mind of your own. You keep us moving all day (and night) long. But, we are all enjoying it so much and can’t believe how fast this year is flying by.

Likes: Right now your favorite thing to do is ride around in Lucy’s little pink car. You will sit there for a long time as we walk up and down the driveway. You watch Lucy zip around on her bike and I think in your mind you’re doing the same thing.


You also love crawling over to the refrigerator and pulling off the bottom part. Not sure what you’re thinking but it’s the first thing you do when we put you down on the kitchen floor


You still spend a ton of time out on the swings and have been loving your daily walks in the stroller. You spend a lot of time playing with your toys, looking through books and emptying the cabinets.


Dislikes: there aren’t too many things that bother you right now except when we try to move you away from something we think is too dangerous. You’ve been really happy and easy going lately.

Sleeping: I don’t even want to jinx this but I know I’ll want to look back and remember how you FINALLY started sleeping though the night. I think it’s the combination of only one nap (2 hours in the morning) and all of the fresh air that you’re getting.


Eating: EVERY THING! You are still nursing when you wake up, a few quick nursing sessions through out the day (you don’t like to sit still long) and when I put you to sleep. You are eating all of the same table foods that we are and only have one of your pouches if we’re out somewhere and you need a quick snack.


Wearing: 12 month clothing, size 2 FP and size 3 diapers

Milestones: You are walking along the furniture now. You have started letting go while standing up (but almost immediately fall down). You say mama, dada, baba, dah (Daisy or dog) and hi. You actually say hi whenever anyone walks in the room or walks by you in a store. You have become such a flirt with all of the girl’s friends and women you see while we’re out shopping. You shake your hear no when you don’t want something. You wave hi and bye and clap your hands. You have started sharing toys when asked too. Such a good boy!



You give some pretty fantastic hugs too and I love when someone catches them for me


You, my sweet boy are the absolute best!! Happy 11 months!❤

First Day of School

Every year before the first day of school I have a back to school dinner. I make a “fancy” dinner, decorate the table and we sit around talking about the year ahead. We talk about goals, hopes, plans etc… This year I didn’t do that. It’s not that I forgot, I just didn’t have the energy to do it. We DID have dinner together last night and we DID talk about the year ahead but it wasn’t as wonderful (cheesy) as years passed. I’m sure the two high schoolers appreciated it but I kinda felt bad for Lucy. Not that she mentioned it or even seemed to care. HA! I just don’t want to start giving up on these traditions that I had with the girls. I feel like she’s going to miss out on some pretty fun things. I also spend an hour on the first day baking cookies for when they get home. I didn’t do that this year either. I sucked big time at this whole back to school thing this year. I DID get my first day of school photos though.


I can’t believe that my Meggie is a junior in high school. It’s been hitting me this week and I’m starting to panic about the next two years flying by.


Make that four years!! Chloe is a freshman this year. Oh my goodness……..time is going by way too fast.


I do like having them both at the same place this year. It makes my life a LOT easier!!

Lucy didn’t care to get up any earlier than she had to. HA! So once the girls left I took my time getting things done in the kitchen. I made her lunch and included her first love note of the year (I send one everyday)



Look at my big third grader!

Let’s take a closer look at Lucy and how old she’s getting!


A few more at the bus stop


How about a close up of this guy too


All morning I told him that we were going to have SO much fun over the next 5 years because it goes by FAST!!

One with daddy


And here comes the bus


She was so excited that Carleigh is in her class!


And she’s off!! Here’s to a wonderful school year!