Weekly Photos

Lucy had field day last week. It was 95 degrees and humid. Not exactly the kind of day you want to be hopping around in a potato sack but these kids had a blast! 

She also had her third grade play. It was a cute little musical on discovery. 

She also celebrated her birthday with her friends. They made tshirts, ice cream sundaes and swam in the pool. Let me tell you that nine year olds are SOOO fun!! She has the cutest group of friends! 

We celebrated Fathers Day this weekend with this great guy and our two wonderful grandfathers. 

Megan and Chloe are finally wrapping up school this week with finals and half days. Lucy has to go until next Tuesday. Boo! But it feels like summer is already in full swing around here. LOVE having everyone around during the day! Let’s just hope that the summer doesn’t go by as fast as the school year has. 


Zoo Day

He needed a day to just be a toddler 

They all did

And we needed a day to sit back and enjoy these cute toddlers because these days are going by so fast. We have 12 kids between us and have shared our last two pregnancies together. These babies all came 7 years after their youngest siblings and are constantly thrown into the big kid world. It was nice to slow down a little yesterday and enjoy their babyhood. Together. 

It was 94 degrees out and we all realized how out of shape we were pushing these babies up and down hills but we all got that much needed mommy, baby, friend date. SO much fun! 💗

Summa weekend

Summa, summa, summa time….. all I can hear is Will Smith singing in my head right now. What a FANTASTIC summer weekend! Jon had Friday off so we did all of our running around so that we could spend the weekend relaxing 

The girls were all off doing their own things on Friday night so Jon and I sat on the deck and relaxed together 

That was until Beckett started calling out to Jon and he couldn’t resist

He is pretty darn irresistible 

We spent the entire day out in the yard on Saturday. We sat by the sandbox and had our coffee while Beckett and Lucy played. It was so relaxing that we decided to do it again this morning. 

Last night the seven of us went mini golfing. It’s been so long since we’ve all had a night out together and it was a blast!! We all laughed our butts off at each other and it was just honestly such a perfect night. 

We spent the entire day outside again today. Emma and Megan worked and Chloe went off for a little while with a friend. I’m gonna soak in all of these random Saturday night dates when I can because I know how hard it’s getting to have all of us together. 

A few more photos from the weekend

I am so ready for the girls to be out of school for the summer!! 

Weekend Celebrations 

I think from now until October we’re going to have party after party. We’re in the beginning of Friary Birthday season, add in a couple of planned family and friends cookouts and a wedding and we’re just about all booked up! 

This past weekend my brothers and I threw a surprise 50th anniversary cookout for our parents. It was nice getting together with some of my cousins that I haven’t seen in years.

On Sunday we celebrated Lucy’s 9th birthday with grandparents, Tracey and the girls

Megan and Kate have been planning a solo girls trip to Disney after they graduate next year. You know, when they’re both 18. 😢 So we started the planning process. This trip will be about 10 years in the making and they are both so excited. Crazy that the time is almost here. 

Tracey and I joke that we’ll be there waiting when they get to their hotel. Umm…. maybe 😉

Megan’s Junior Prom

and just like that, junior prom is over. what in the what??? how can we be saying goodbye to junior year already? as i sit here thinking about sending another daughter off to her senior year and then eventually off to college it makes me so stressed out. i thought it would get easier after the first one but that is just not the case. life changes so much once you send these kids off into the real world. even when they come back for long weekends, breaks and holidays they come back different people. not in a bad way (at all) just different. one more year and then life around here will change once again. now that i’ve made myself a little depressed….ha! i think i’ll share some of megan’s pictures.


her hair, makeup and dress were absolutely beautiful


her sisters wanted to get for a few shots with her too!


these girls are going to have a tough time next year too! beckett wasn’t interested in taking any pictures this time. Ha! Probably psyched that the camera was on someone else for a change


i’m not sure how some of the senior moms made it through without any tears. or maybe they didn’t. who knows? maybe they’re like me and cried on the way home. haha.

this girl has my heart, they all do.