Autumn Little Things

Oh, I just love fall so much! There is no better way to kick off the season than a nice day at the apple orchard.

On our way home we stopped at our favorite pumpkin patch and then over to a neighboring town for their annual fall festival

Beckett is getting ready to wrap up his soccer season.

He got his first kindergarten virus

His sweet new friend from school dropped off a get well card and some treats

We went to the Red Sox game

It felt so good to be back at Fenway after 2 years!

Beckett turned 6!!

Halloween decorations went up

And of course the Halloween jammies came out. Putting the Halloween decorations up put me in the Christmas spirit. Ha! I’ve been having so much fun planning out my decorations for Christmas!

A few more photos from the month:

King for the day

He was loving riding his bike around the skate park

Pumpkin everything!! Well until it’s time for peppermint everything!!


Megan sent me this snap because she knows I love Snoop


More Beckett:

I’m pretty sure I didn’t have one picture of Chloe in here. She’s been loving college but we’ve been lucky enough to have her home a few weekends. I’ll have to take more pictures! 🙂

Happy Fall!!

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