Our Fun Weekend

Our weeks are LONG and busy! Especially since Jon has been traveling for work so much. So, we make sure that we take full advantage of our family weekends. Saturday we went to a pumpkin carving party at a friend’s house.Image

Jon and Lucy were partners:


But then Lucy decided to run off and play with the rabbits


That left Jon alone with his  pumpkin with the heart shaped eyes


Megan and Chloe worked on a pumpkin together and got to spend the day with their besties:


Sunday we went to baby Connor’s Baptism. It was the first time we met him and we all instantly fell in love


I got my baby fix for a little while. 

On the way home from the Baptism we stopped by my brother Gary’s house to pick up this sweet little girl:


We named her Stella Frankie. Lucy picked out the name Frankie. She said all cats need a middle name. 

Emma didn’t go to the pumpkin carving party. She went out with her friends instead. I swear she was at the Baptism with us but was never around when I had my camera in my hand. We’re at the beginning of another busy week. I’m already looking forward to next weekend.

Columbus Day Weekend


She was really this close most of the time they were carving the pumpkin.


Sunday afternoon we took the kids to a local farm to go on a hayride and to pick out another pumpkin. ImageImageImageImageImageImage Emma, Megan and Chloe are getting to the age where carving pumpkins with dad and going on hayrides aren’t as fun as they used to be. It makes me sad how quickly things are changing. These are some of our favorite things to do with the girls. Emma had to work on Sunday when we went on the hayride. Megan and Chloe were such good girls and went to make Lucy happy. Jon and I are trying to enjoy each of these moments to the fullest because we know they won’t last forever.

4 Hours a Day

So, I calculated today that I only get about 4 hours a day with Lucy now that she’s in school. We get an hour in the morning and about 3 hours between after school and bedtime. During those 3 hours I have to help with homework, run her sisters to and from different activities and cook and serve dinner. I have about 6 or 7 hours with Emma, Megan and Chloe. Lately, I’ve been able to spend at least an hour of alone time with each of them. Lucy and I only have our alone time in the morning getting ready for school. 

This morning was a chilly one! It was 39 degrees when we walked to the bus. Lucy refused to wear her winter hat because she was afraid it would mess up her hair. She was ready to put her gloves on by the time we reached the end of the driveway though. 


While we walk she tells me all about her friends and teachers. She fills me in on what’s going on in the classroom. 


We always hold hands, even though the long walk is just our driveway. She sings me songs that she’s learned in her class. Sometimes she recites the Pledge of Allegiance. 


She talks a lot about God lately. She is so fascinated by her prayer book and now her children’s Bible she got from CCD. She was a little concerned about Noah’s Ark though. She pointed out this tree this morning and wanted me to take a picture of it. I love that she is starting to notice the beauty of fall mornings. 


Sometimes her and Esme talk. Sometimes they ignore each other. 8:00 is early for 5 year olds. 


But, she is always smiling. Always happy.  She gives me at least 20 kisses before the bus comes. As the bus pulled away, I saw her say to her friend “that’s my mom.”


I just love this kid! 

Monday Mornings

I keep trying to tell myself that someday I will look back on all these hectic mornings and miss them. Ha! Monday mornings suck! But, they are part of my life and I feel like I should record them. There is ALWAYS rushing around. Sometimes some tears, more likely then not some arguments. BUT after what happened last year in CT I try to be as calm and as patient in the morning as I possibly can. I try to send my kids off to school happy or at least unstressed. Mondays are definitely a challenge. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

And then they all leave. I come home, clean my kitchen and enjoy the quiet for a little while before telling myself “well that wasn’t that bad.”

This Moment

I’m sitting on the front steps waiting for the girls to get off the bus. The weather is absolutely beautiful today, 75 degrees! This is my favorite time of year!! Looking forward to more football, more baking, pumpkin spiced coffee, fires in the fireplace, warm sweaters, fall boots and snuggling up my 5 favorite people.