February Little Things

What a boring and snowy winter we’re having this year. I haven’t taken my camera out once! Who wants to look at pictures of over 100 inches of snow? Not me!!
Most of our weekends have been spent at home watching movies in front of the fire or playing one of Lucy’s many board games. Not really picture worthy moments.


Every year we receive the most thoughtful give from our friend Shelly. It seems to come in the mail on days I need it most. Shelly is known around here as the Angel Lady.


I love the fact that Emma goes to school so close to the rest of our family. It’s so nice being able to have a quick visit with her whenever we go down there. I love that picture of her and Lucy having soup together.


Mimi and Baba got this awesome new kitty that we just love!!


Boredom has set in and we’re playing nonstop board games.

Megan is all done with cheerleading for the year. She has two weeks off and then she starts lacrosse. Chloe starts her yoga class today after school. We just found out yesterday that Lucy got a lead role in the first grade play. She was so excited!! We couldn’t be more proud of her. Emma should be home in a few weeks for spring break. I can’t wait!!!! I miss her so much!! I love having everyone under one roof!! Lots of things going on this spring and I’m looking forward to all of it!! Especially the open windows!

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