I put this picture on Instagram but needed to have it here too. I’ve been brushing little girls’ hair for almost 21 years! Do you have any idea how many tears have been shed over that little fun fact? Both theirs and mine! HA! I find it to be so stressful on mornings where we’re already running late. Sometimes I ask myself “what the heck were they doing in their sleep to get this many knots?” Lucy is my last baby girl and I know that even something as small as this will be something I will miss. 


Recent iPhone Photos

Looks like I’m down to “blogging” about once a month at this point. And, do I even call it blogging anymore? I’m just trying to make sure that all of my photos have a home these days (besides Instagram). My camera is severely neglected as well. I just don’t have the time to keep up anymore. I started to run out of room on my phone and decided to upload a ton of pictures to Shutterfly before I had a chance to put them over here so I’m missing some pretty fun photos. Oh well, at least I have them somewhere.

Most of these photos are of Beckett because he’s just too darn cute to not photograph


Yup, those are teeth marks all over his cribimg_8730-2img_9017

The weather in February was A M A Z I N G!!!!  We had a handful of days that reached the 70’s!!


Lucy finished up her basketball season. After a rough start she is psyched to play again next year.


We made sure to take advantage of the weather and spent HOURS outside everyday.

One of my favorite Instagram mommies lost her sweet little boy in a tragic drowning accident this winter. He was only a few months older than Beckett. She asked us all to remember him by blowing bubbles and posting them on Insta. There were hundreds of moms on Instagram posting bubble pictures. Here are mine


Yes, Lucy is outside in a tank top with snow on the ground. It was one of those gorgeous 70 degree days we had.


Megan has been sharing her bowls of cereal with Beckett in the morning. Now when he see’s her pull a box out of the pantry he’ll go over and pull the chair out for her and wait. It’s one of the cutest things ever!! His sisters are ALL so good to him.


Megan and I spent a couple of days prom dress shopping. She tried on a TON of dresses and actually picked out the very last one she tried on. It’s gorgeous!


This store was amazing and it was SO much fun!! They had 1500 dresses in just Megan’s size.

A few more pictures of Beckett…

img_8765-1Ha! His legs are always hanging out of his crib!! (and I obviously photograph him in these pajamas a lot)


He kept walking around with the maple syrup and Lucy was calling him Buddy the Elf


Waiting at Fidelity. This place is NOT baby proof! Glass table and hard candy ALL over the place. Fun!


It’s too bad that this kid has no personality. HA!


He KNOWs he’s cute

Meggie Love


She was complaining that I don’t have as many pictures of her as I do Beckett.

And a few from Emma’s account that she sent over to me.


She beat all of us to NYC this past weekend. She had a blast!!

img_9144 I have to throw a picture of Daisy in here too. This sweet old girl has SO much patience with Beckett. He jumps all over her, jumps on her bed until she moves, pulls at her hair and even smacked her in the head with a bowl this afternoon. Poor pup.