The Beach and the Fourth

I’m just going to start off by saying that I never saw a baby, kid or adult have as much fun at the beach as Beckett did! I’m not sure if it’s his obsession with the Moana movie or what, but he had such a blast! He thought that the waves crashing over his feet were the funniest thing EVER! 

One of things we dislike about living up north is the fact that it takes two hours to go to a really nice beach. We tried Scarborough beach in Narragansett for the first time and it was SO nice! Definitely worth the drive for us!! 

Usually when we drive that far we go to the cape or Newport but we knew both areas would be super crowded with it being July 3rd. No beach trip is complete without ridiculously bad for you but super tastey fried clam cakes. Jon threw in a couple of lobster rolls and we were in Heaven! 

We celebrated the 4th at Marlene and Brian’s with most of Jon’s cousins and their families. Beckett took a liking to Miss Julia. He LOVES teenage girls and pretty much wraps them around his little finger. 

Ha! He is pretty smooth!!

And little Connor knows how to wrap Lucy around his little finger too! 

Ah summer…… you are a close second to my autumn. I’m going to enjoy you every day!! Even Target’s back to school section couldn’t entice me this morning! 


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