I really don’t have too many pictures from this month. Not too many interesting or fun things going on in January. I do want to save the few that I have though.

Ha! He’s so fresh!!

My top 9 of 2018 from Instagram


Lucy had her fifth grade concert to start the month off


I got to spend some time with my sweet Megan before she went back to school. Her classes started a week after all of the other schools in the area so it was nice to have her all to myself


Ok, I had to share her a little


She’s such a sweetheart.

We took Beckett’s crib down


Which is great because now he runs down the hall and climbs in my bed at all hours of the night. Ha!



But I really don’t mind.



Lucy is still his favorite person in the world.

Some puppy love:


We took the kids to the museum at Harvard last week


We love that place!

Then we went over to Flatbreads and had the BEST pizza!!! img_6348img_6349img_6341

That’s pretty much all we did all month.



Happy February!

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