And Just Like That……..

We have another college graduate.

Like so many other graduates this year, her college experience was a little strange due to Covid. She was in Boston for about a year and a half before being sent home for another year and a half. She’s been back in the city for just about a year where she finished up her senior year with all of these great friends by her side

(I took that last picture from her Instagram 🙂

She starts her new job this week and we honestly couldn’t be more proud of this girl.

Love you so much, Meggie

Disney Girl’s Trip

When I was in St. Maarten I got a message from Tracey asking if I wanted to do a 2 day Disney trip with her. She had some airline points that she needed to use up by next February and couldn’t think of anything else she’d rather do. Ha! (She already had vacation plans with her husband for the fall). The two of us are pretty Disney obsessed so obviously I was ready to go. I told her once I got back from St. Maarten we would sit down and plan a trip. Two days later we were all booked!! We spent the next few weeks learning the new Genie Lightening Lane system and we honestly did awesome with it. We hit every ride we wanted to go on without waiting in lines. We went during the Flower and Garden festival, too. Which meant yummy food and drinks throughout Epcot. We spent 2 nights and 2.5 days in the parks and had the best time EVER! I love going to Disney with Jon and the kids but there was something pretty special about going with my best friend. She is heading back in the fall and I already can’t wait to see her pictures!

Disney Photo Dump:

So fun!! I can’t wait to go back!

Spring 2022

I realized today that it’s already the middle of May and I have so many pictures to add over here so they don’t get “stuck” in my phone.

We’re all pretty big Celtics fans (actually all New England sports teams) over here so we jump any time we have a chance to go to a game. This was Beckett’s second time at the Celtics and he is now obsessed with Lucky….. the acrobat who comes out during the commercial breaks and half time. Ha! He spent a week flipping around the house after that game.

We celebrated my mom’s birthday.

And Easter. I’m not sure how many more years Beckett will want to go to the town egg hunt so I’ll take it when I can get it. Ha! Megan was in NY with Tyler and Emma celebrated with Shane’s family so we were down to 3 little bunnies at home this year

Poor Beckett ended up in the ER one night because I couldn’t get his fever down and he was crying in pain. Poor little boy! It ended up being another virus. Kindergarten germs are the worse!

The weather has been getting nicer so we spend so much time outside!

Emma had a birthday. 26!! I can’t believe it! I wish time would slow down a little bit. I feel like she was just a little girl.

Beckett is in the middle of his soccer season and it’s just been so fun watching him play!

I had all five of my kids home for Mother’s Day this year and it was just the best feeling in the world! The 3 older girls are off living life in all different directions so it’s really hard to get them all here at the same time. I cherish every time that it all comes together. I love them!!!!

I just wanted to add this one in because he’s just the cutest little thing. Ha!