Five Things From This Week

1) School mornings. I kinda like them. As long as I get up when I’m supposed to and take the time the night before to prepare for the next day I actually enjoy our busy mornings 

2) Beckett in a toy store


3) Football season has begun!! 

4)  I’m seriously enjoying being home with Beckett SOOOO much!! I LOVE having all of these older girls around (my bff’s). That mother/daughter bond is amazing, ya’ll. But being able to do this mommy thing all over again, this time with a little boy is pretty dang amazing!!  I look forward to our weekly Target trips. It’s the mommy/baby hang out and I love that I’m still part of that “crew”.

Ugh!! He’s gonna grow up too 😭

5) At the beginning of the summer we told the girls to each pick a place they want to vacation to next summer and do a presentation convincing Jon and I why we should pick their destination. They had all summer to work on it and had to present it to us on Labor Day. Two of the four girls worked hard on it. Two didn’t, so we won’t be visiting Amsterdam or Iceland next summer. HA! Lucy picked the Aulani resort in Hawaii. She worked so hard on it all summer! She is so stinkin cute!! 

We told them that we would announce our vacation plans on New Years. Fingers crossed, Lucy!! 


Gillette Stadium

A few pictures from our annual trip to Gillette with the kids. Some of the kids. 

I have to admit that it’s a little sad not having the whole crew together when we go off on these family outings. But, we still had a GREAT time with these three 

 loved seeing all FIVE trophies!! 

Beckett was so cute! He kept throwing his hands up in the air and yelling Touchdown! So funny that he remembered that from the season. 

I started taking these Wilfork pictures while Beckett was in my belly 💗

After walking around the Hall of Fame (and yes I cried during the movie….again) we stopped for lunch at Patriot Place 

I probably shouldn’t say this out loud but I am SO ready for football season to begin!! LOVE me so Patriot football!

I’m trying to convince Jon into buying me Patriot tickets for my birthday. He’d rather watch from home but I HAVE to go to one this year!!