Our Weekend

We had another busy (but fun) weekend. Saturday I took Chloe and Lucy to the movies to see Wreck it Ralph. Jon took Emma and Megan to Harvard to visit a friend. They ended up walking around Harvard Square and then they went out to lunch. This picture was taken in the Garage. We ALWAYS stop there when we’re in town. Image

Yesterday we finished all of our winter wood. 


Then we had a yummy rib lunch:


Megan and I had a mother/daughter makeup party to go to in the afternoon:Image

So Jon took Emma, Chloe and Lucy to the park. Of course he took a picture of the girls for me (well trained husband)


The girls have today off for Veteran’s Day. Megan and I have been sitting on the computer since 10:00 this morning trying to get Taylor Swift tickets. We haven’t had any luck but we’re not giving up yet! I’m sure with all this technology we’ll eventually get through. Wish us luck!!


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