Winter Afternoons

I haven’t been a huge fan of winter this year. It’s too long and too cold. I do, however, love our winter afternoons. The girls don’t play any sports in the winter and Megan’s musicals have been cancelled since her teacher announced her pregnancy. They come home off the bus and I love it!! ImageImage

Afternoon snacks are a must! Icecream for Chloe, cereal for Emma and a salad for Megan. 

They spend time working on their homework:Image

They spend time on their iPads and iPods:Image

They snuggle with their little sister who misses them so much during the day:


And they make a mess out of the house that I cleaned all day! They leave their shoes, sweaters, jackets and bags all over the kitchen!! ImageImage

I love it!! I love having them home with me every afternoon!!