Another Snow Day

There hasn’t been one snowflake to fall from the sky since I woke up at 5:30 this morning but they have another day off. It’s been raining ALL day!! It’s been a perfect day for some tea:ImageImageImage

A perfect day to watch some Netflix movies on your iPad:


And a perfect day to watch some makeup tutorials on youtube:


It’s also a perfect day for me to sit here with a friend and commiserate about sending our babies to kindergarten in the fall. We had kindergarten parents night last night and it was great to see some familiar faces.  As I looked around the room I realized that I’m not the only one stressing out about sending our “babies” to school and that made me feel better. You know what they say, “misery loves company”. Hahaha! 

iPhone Photos

I haven’t been taking too many pictures these past few weeks. I think the kids were starting to miss seeing me with the phone and camera in my hand because they started taking pictures themselves. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Sometimes I wonder what she’s thinking about. In this next picture she said to me “Mom take a picture of me with this serious face”Image

She looks so serious in those bunny ears!



Most of the pictures are of Lucy. She is the one who is with me 100% of the time. Plus, she’s too cute not to photograph!

Happy Valentine’s Day

I decorated the kitchen last night so the girls could wake up to a sweet Valentine’s Day treat:Image

They had a half day of school today so I got to spend the day with the 5 sweetest girls I know:


How lucky am I?

In other news, I’m trying to teach Lucy that it is not ok for her to answer the phone. Even though it’s funny when she tells the telemarketers “duh, my dad’s at work”, I’ve been missing all kinds of phone calls. She is just too quick for me! Plus, if she’s upstairs I just don’t have a chance!  She did make me a sweet Valentine’s day card so I can’t be too upset.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


My children have a strange fascination with coconuts. We went to Trader Joe’s this morning and Chloe had to have a bag of Coconut Chips. They are delish!! Emma got to thinking about regular coconuts and how much fun we all have when we buy one. Strange, huh? ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Seriously, can you sense the excitement?


I prefer the coconut chips but I think the pictures would be less exciting 🙂

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Happy Love Month!

I’ve been complaining about winter all season so I’m trying to put a positive spin on February by calling it Love Month. Just go with it! I’m trying here! 

This morning Lucy and I went to the library to pick out some Valentine’s Day books:ImageImage

After the library we stopped to pick up some heart shaped donuts:ImageImage


Yesterday we went to HomeGoods, The Party Store and Joanne’s Fabric to pick up some Valentine’s Day decorations. We’re ready to have a great month!!


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