Dear Mr. Postman

Dear Mr. Postman,

I would like to ask you to please stop delivering things like this to my mailbox:



                                                                               A mother not ready for the next phase. 

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My Little Photographer

I was looking through my iphotos earlier and found Chloe’s Disney pictures. She did a really good job capturing some shots. Maybe a future photographer?

I love this one she took from the plane:Image

Her and Lucy on the Magical Express:Image

The Epcot Christmas tree:Image

One of our very favorite places in Epcot:


Cinderella Castle in the fog:Image

The party that Disney threw for us on our very last day:Image

They begged us not to leave!! “Just one more day” they chanted as we exited the park…….

Maybe that was just Jon chanting…..

But unfortunately the Magical Express was waiting to take us back to the airport: (great job,Chloe)Image

A Few Moments From Last Week

Here are a few missed moments from last week:

Lucy was sick most of last week so we spent a lot of time playing and snugglingImageImage

Chloe had her chorus concert last week too. By the looks of this picture she caught me snapping a picture:


Chloe ended up getting Lucy’s cold so she was sick all weekend.

I took Emma and Megan to Tutti Frutti over the weekend:Image

The rest of the weekend was spent at home making sure that everyone starts to feel better


Caribbean Friday

Every winter we have one night when we pretend it’s not 15 degrees outside. We grill some burgers, we make some pasta salad and a big pitcher of lemonade. We eat our dinner while listening to some Bob Marley.

Jon and I started the day by going to Bahama Breeze for a lunch date. While we were gone the girls decorated the house to make us feel like we were on vacation when we got home. They did such a good job!


As soon as we walked in the house Lucy greeted us by saying “Welcome to paradise”


Even though I love our summer day in winter, I think I love Caribbean Friday even more! Thanks girls for the relaxing day!!

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Our Weekend


Lucy went to Esme’s birthday party on Saturday afternoon. She had so much fun!! This is the first time that she’s had to stand in a line with other children and listen to instructions. She did such a good job! Of course I took her picture in the line 🙂


She rolled:


And bounced:


Climbed walls:


Stood in more lines:


Ate cupcakes:


Traded cupcake in for carrots:


She had sooo much fun!

Later that afternoon Auntie Liz came over with Sidney for dinner:


Yesterday I decided to try and make bagels for the first time:


They tasted better then they looked but I think I need to buy a bread machine.

After our bagels I took Chloe on a Barnes and Noble and Starbucks date:


Then we settled in to read by the fire, watch some football (BOO Patriots) and hang out late since we have another day off today!



I had a little bit of a shock yesterday when I read that my friend Amy was signing her son up for Kindergarten this week!! He’s only a couple of weeks older then Lucy. Surprised I mean, I knew I had to do it but how did it come up so quickly?? SOOOO not looking forward to this. sigh… Then I realized that this summer Jon and I are going to be driving Emma all over New England (and then some) to look at colleges. She is going to be a senior next year. Surprised  Time really does fly!ImageImage

Even though I’m sad that they’re not babies anymore I’m really excited for both of them!! 

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Winter Afternoons

I haven’t been a huge fan of winter this year. It’s too long and too cold. I do, however, love our winter afternoons. The girls don’t play any sports in the winter and Megan’s musicals have been cancelled since her teacher announced her pregnancy. They come home off the bus and I love it!! ImageImage

Afternoon snacks are a must! Icecream for Chloe, cereal for Emma and a salad for Megan. 

They spend time working on their homework:Image

They spend time on their iPads and iPods:Image

They snuggle with their little sister who misses them so much during the day:


And they make a mess out of the house that I cleaned all day! They leave their shoes, sweaters, jackets and bags all over the kitchen!! ImageImage

I love it!! I love having them home with me every afternoon!!