Jon and I started walking together a couple of weeks ago. Last year we took the kids with us every time we walked. After about a week of Lucy whining in the stroller we gave up. It’s been so nice and peaceful this year, just the two of us. Last night we walked to the pond. It’s about 2.5 miles up and down hill. It’s a great workout! 


It’s been great date walks! We even saw an owlImage

This morning we did 5+ miles of up and down hill. Now I’m tired and sore! Looking forward to tomorrow’s walk though 🙂

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Old Pictures and Good Friends

Yesterday Tracey and I spent the afternoon looking through old pictures of our girls (nothing like a good torture on a Wednesday afternoon). Here are some of the pictures she sent to me


I’m a sucker for car seat photos!ImageImage

Awe! Babies on the beach!


I love Lucy’s face in that one!

I’m not sure if I felt better or worse after looking at all of these pictures. But I do know that I am so thankful for a friend like Tracey. It’s so nice sharing all of these memories of our girls together.

Happening Now

Lucy has been coloring Easter pictures this morning. She also went through a box of old photographs, picked out her favorite and taped about 20 of them to her bedroom wall. Megan is home sick today. She went to school this morning to finish up her MCAS testing but came home right after. Chloe has been practicing her guitar all week and looks forward to learning some new Blues songs next week. Emma experienced a little bit of teenage freedom this week as she went off with one of her licensed friends. Jon is getting busy at work again and I’m running nonstop as usual. I wrote my kindergarten placement letter for Lucy this morning. I have to get it in by Friday at noon!! March is flying by! Image

Build a Bear Workshop With Lucy

I have a million “favorite” things to do with my girls. One of my top favorites is taking them to Build a Bear Workshop. When Emma was in 3rd grade we went with her Brownie troop. A week later I took Megan at 4 years old. I waited until Chloe was 4 to take her too. Yesterday was Lucy’s turn. She had such a fun time!! She picked out a puppy and named her Pinky Pie. 

Here’s Lucy, excited to go! ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Easter Eggs


Megan, Chloe and Lucy worked hard on their Easter eggs this year. It started with Lucy spilling pink dye all over the table but once that was cleaned up she got the hang of it. ImageImage

Sunday was the town Easter egg hunt. In the snow with hundreds of kids and not enough eggs. Lucy had to run with the big kids this year and was really disappointed to only get 5 eggs. We thought she did such a great job though! ImageImageImageImage

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Guess who made the Varsity Tennis team at school! Image

This little girl! This picture was taken when Emma was 10 years old!! She was getting ready to go to her first ever tennis camp. I’m thinking that she probably wont let me pick out another white skirt and pink shirt for high school tennis 🙂 I’m really looking forward to all the spring sports this year!! Between tennis and lacrosse, we’ll be busy!

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First Day of Spring

I wish it was 80 degrees. It’s not. I wish I was on a beach. I’m not. I wish I was skinnier. I’m not. Ha! Ha!

As much as I’ve complained about winter this year, I have to admit that it really doesn’t get any more beautiful then this:Image

I also have to admit that I love when we have snow days. I love that I get trapped in the house with Jon and the girls. It’s great having no where to be on those days. Except last night when I had to drive in the storm to take Megan to Lacrosse practice. And every Monday when I had to drive in the snow to take Chloe to guitar lessons. I love when people honk their horns at me and flip me the bird for driving too slow. Ok, I’m ready for spring!

Life Lately


More snow. Because all it does is snow around here.


This is where we are sometimes forced to stop and eat when we’re on a road trip. 


Uncle Jon taught Colton how to build a fire. ImageImage

I’ve been loving my new Kitchen Aid and even tried baking bread this weekend.ImageImage

If I bake, I walk


A Whole Foods trip with the girls. Megan was making some peanut butter.



Sunday dinner. 

This Morning

I thought it would be a nice idea to let Lucy sleep in this morning so I had Megan and Chloe walk to the bus stop by themselves. I got a “Come on Mom, we’re just walking to the bus stop” when I took my camera outside this morning. Image

I watched them walk all the way down and waited until the bus showed up before I went inside. I’m nutty like that.Image

In other exciting news, I got my Kitchen Aid mixer yesterday!! I can’t wait to make some bread and pasta with my new toy!! Image

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