Monday Morning and Megan’s Semi

I thought Megan and Chloe looked so cute this morning that I had to take their pictures. Emma looked pretty cute today too but I was half asleep when she left. ImageImage

Looks like these two are excited to go to school today!Image

Megan had her first semi formal this weekend. She went with her friend Paige and had a great time. ImageImageImage

Happy Monday!

My Reason For This Blog


This picture right here is the reason why I started blogging. The years when Emma, Megan and Chloe were little went by in such a blur. This picture represents one of the every day moments that I love so much. I just wish I knew what we were talking about when I took the picture. Megan was about 2. Emma must have been off at school, Chloe was probably sitting in her infant seat or napping in her crib. I don’t remember. I’m sure Jon came home on time that night, we helped Emma with her homework and I made something barely edible for dinner. I’m sure the 2 littles acted crazy as they did every night before they went to bed. I’m sure Chloe watched from her little seat and took it all in. I’m sure that I crashed in bed that night exhausted from taking care of 3 babies all day. I wish I would have blogged about it then too. I have these pictures scattered throughout the house and some home videos that I can look back on but it’s the conversations and real moments that I wish I could remember.

Today Jon will come home a little late, the girls will have homework that I can’t help them with and I will cook something completely edible…..I’ve improved over the years. They will still act crazy before bed, because that’s what kids do. I will still crash in bed tonight because I’m busy taking care of my 4 gorgeous, growing girls all day long.

I will continue to take pictures of the girls eating lunch, although I’m sure it wont be pb and fluff with a Hi-C juice box. I will continue to take videos and record all of our moments because it’s something that I love to do. I will continue trying to help with homework at night, I will wait with dinner done every night for Jon to come home and I will enjoy their craziness at bed time for a few more years. I love having all of these memories to look back on. I love watching them grow and I’m excited for their future. I just wish it would slow down a little. I’m starting to think that Motherhood should come with some sort of warning label.

April Vacation

Last week was April vacation for Jon and the girls. I took the week off from blogging and now I’m trying to remember everything we did! We started the week by getting the girls their passports. Marlene booked our St. Marten trip this week and Chloe has been counting down the days! 

Most of the week was spent outside so I have LOTS of pictures!! We took the kids hiking a couple of times. We brought out the bikes for the girls to ride. We took a trip down to visit our parents for the day on Wednesday. The girls got to spend the day playing with Colton. We met the Desmarais girls at the zoo on Friday while Jon took Emma to look at colleges. We went shopping for dresses and shoes on Saturday. We took our first Drive in Movie trip of the season on Saturday night. We saw The Croods. We finished off vacation week by watching Megan’s first lacrosse game. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

That’s my number 30! 

I wish vacation weeks didn’t go by so fast. We’re now counting down the days until summer vacation. 

A Night At the Park

Why yes, I do have other children. Why do you ask?

The other night while Chloe was at her guitar lesson and Emma at her away tennis match and Megan at her lacrosse practice, I got to spend some quality time with little Lucy at the playground. ImageImageImage

We’re all so happy that spring has finally arrived!

Our Weekend

It was finally nice enough to go to the park!ImageImage

We spent most of our weekend outside. Jon and I have been walking and hiking a LOT lately!! Yesterday we went in the morning and then again in the afternoon.


It’s so quiet and peaceful walking around here. Oh wait, what’s that up ahead in the snow?ImageImage

A bear track?


Emma has her first tennis match today!Image

I would also like to wish my mom a very happy birthday today! Image