My Reason For This Blog


This picture right here is the reason why I started blogging. The years when Emma, Megan and Chloe were little went by in such a blur. This picture represents one of the every day moments that I love so much. I just wish I knew what we were talking about when I took the picture. Megan was about 2. Emma must have been off at school, Chloe was probably sitting in her infant seat or napping in her crib. I don’t remember. I’m sure Jon came home on time that night, we helped Emma with her homework and I made something barely edible for dinner. I’m sure the 2 littles acted crazy as they did every night before they went to bed. I’m sure Chloe watched from her little seat and took it all in. I’m sure that I crashed in bed that night exhausted from taking care of 3 babies all day. I wish I would have blogged about it then too. I have these pictures scattered throughout the house and some home videos that I can look back on but it’s the conversations and real moments that I wish I could remember.

Today Jon will come home a little late, the girls will have homework that I can’t help them with and I will cook something completely edible…..I’ve improved over the years. They will still act crazy before bed, because that’s what kids do. I will still crash in bed tonight because I’m busy taking care of my 4 gorgeous, growing girls all day long.

I will continue to take pictures of the girls eating lunch, although I’m sure it wont be pb and fluff with a Hi-C juice box. I will continue to take videos and record all of our moments because it’s something that I love to do. I will continue trying to help with homework at night, I will wait with dinner done every night for Jon to come home and I will enjoy their craziness at bed time for a few more years. I love having all of these memories to look back on. I love watching them grow and I’m excited for their future. I just wish it would slow down a little. I’m starting to think that Motherhood should come with some sort of warning label.