Sprinkler Fun

Where did this week go? How have I not put anything up on the blog yet this week? I had to laugh at Jon the other day. He told me that I should do something with all of these pictures I take. Hello? 6friarys.com, Instagram, Facebook? I think I have it covered. 

It is finally starting to feel like summer! It’s 90 degrees out today and the pool is just about ready for the weekend. In the meantime, Lucy is enjoying the sprinklers:


She’s so much fun!! 


I’m not a huge fan of the carnival at all! But every year it comes to town and every year it parks it’s self on town field. Town field is in front of the school so there is no avoiding it. Don’t get me wrong,  I love rides, cotton candy and happy children. I just love them some place other then the carnival. Jon and the girls talked me into going this year and look what happened:


That’s me having fun at the carnival!! This was the Sizzler ride. We laughed like fools on that ride, it was so much fun!!


Look! I’m still smiling!!


Jon loves the carnival!

I’m glad that we went this year. It was a lot of fun and small enough to be done with in an hour. We had a lot of laughs, I got some cute pictures and we ate a huge bag of cotton candy! What’s better then that?

Junior Prom

Emma had a great time at her junior prom! Image

She was psyched that not only was she the only one in this dress, she was the only one wearing this color. Which, in my opinion, looked fabulous on her!


Everyone met at Alexis’s house for pictures. There were more adults taking pictures then there were kids going to the prom 🙂 


I’m so happy that these kids had such a wonderful junior prom and SO thankful that they all made it home safely. 

Such a memorable moment.

Another Change

Well I am no longer a minivan driving mama. After 11 years of driving a van I switched over to an SUV. I remember when Jon and I got my first van, I drove around the Green thinking that everyone was looking at me and laughing. Crazy, I know. But I grew to love that blue van. I took Chloe home from the hospital in that van. I went on to drive 2 more Honda Odysseys. I loved being a van mom but was ready for a change. Lucy wasn’t as excited about the switch (at first). Now she’s excited to jump in the new truck to go for a ride. 

We spent all day on Tuesday at the Honda dealership. She was a great little helper. I found it kind of funny that she kept bopping around the place. She knew that upstairs in the waiting room was a big plate of deserts. The sales guy ran up and down the stairs a number of times to get her water, a danish, a donut and a couple of cups of popcorn. I’m sure he was as thrilled to close the deal as I was. Next time you’re going to buy a car you should see if you can borrow someone’s 4 year old. Image

Our old van:Image

The new SUV:Image