May Little Things

Just a few pictures from May so I don’t forget


We had our first trip to the ice cream shop.


We found an awesome park close by. We plan on spending lots of time here once school gets out.



We took the birthday girl out for lunch. Can you believe she is 22?!?!?!?!


Beck got some new wheels


Jon and I went to a couple of concerts in May, including a double date with Matt and Jen.


Speaking of double dates….. we had lunch with Kirsten and G.


Now he thinks he’s the coolest thing out there.


Mother’s Day love with my kids


3 generations (who like to match)


My dad had some heart procedures done recently and I spent a few days with my mom


Megan’s chorus had their senior night and I pretty much cried throughout the entire thing. When her friend Kamryn sang I Will Always Love You I pretty much lost it. Her voice is amazing!! Her friend Lexi sang Thank God for Small Towns and I cried through that one too. It’s safe to say that I’ll be a blubbering mess at graduation and will probably embarrass her and my entire family. Ha!


Can’t forget Lucy’s Memorial Day program. I usually cry through that one too. This year Beckett kept me too busy to get teared up. He finally met Patrick (one of the babies that Megan and Chloe babysit for). It did hit me that I won’t be at the elementary school for this program for 4 years!! So sad!!

A few more photos from the month:


We did a collaboration with Herobility. LOVE their baby products! Use code Jillfriary20 if you’re interested in getting 20% off 3 or more products.


More Herobility img_1139img_1149img_1155

That pretty much wraps up May. Megan is out of school and busy having fun with her friends. Emma is done too and getting ready to hit Iceland next week with Tess. Chloe and Lucy have a couple of more weeks but I know that they’re eager to finish up. We have a fun summer planned and we are all more than ready to get to it!

One more thing, scroll back up and look at that last picture of Beckett’s face. How cute is he?!?!?!?!



End of April

Let’s get caught up on the end of April before all the hoopla begins! May and June are hands down my busiest months! May starts Friary Family birthday season. We have 6 months straight of birthdays in this house. Throw in prom, graduation, graduation parties, confirmation and all of the end of the school year activities and we are pretty much out straight. But, you all know that I LOVE it!! We have such a fun summer planned and I’m sure it’ll be here before I know it.

Let’s just take a look at some of the pictures I’ve taken over the last 2 weeks first


This boy is growing like a weed!! He is SO smart and SO funny!! I LOVE moments like those pictured above because I know that before I know it I’ll be writing about his graduation. He wants me to rock him to sleep before every nap and every night before bed so I’m just going to sit here and soak it all in.


The weather is starting to get nice so we’ve been spending as much time outside as possible.


We took a Happy Meal to Lucy the other day and Beckett was in Heaven!! He loves being around her and her friends. The girls always have friends over and he is always the center of attention. Ha!




SOOOO cute!


Love these girls!


My boys!


That picture above was posted by Tori Spelling this week. I have to admit, he is just the cutest little guy EVER!! Instagram has been keeping me SO busy lately!! I just got offered my 8th collaboration of the year. So exciting!! Come visit me over there at


Happy May!!




Life Lately

Jon hosted the Legend’s box last week at the Red Sox game and it was pretty awesome

Megan had her final choir concert last Sunday morning in Worcester.

The girls sounded amazing!! I’m still trying to get over all of the “last’s” with her. It’s crazy!! Wasn’t she just 9 years old singing in the 4th grade chorus??

Beckett and I had a lunch and shopping date with our friends

Soooooo cute!!

Jon got another 4 tickets to the Red Sox and took Emma, Chloe and Lucy (Megan had a date)

I took Beckett out for pizza and then we hung out watching Boss Baby (currently his favorite movie)

Another quick week!! A few more Pics from the week:

I’m pretty sure this boy just keeps getting cuter

Happy Saturday!!


Boy was Beckett excited yesterday morning! We had a plan the night before that he would wake each one of his sisters up when he woke up so we could check out what the Easter bunny brought him. He ran into each of their rooms saying “Happy Easter”. He was just the cutest little thing!!

I decided to “get in the photo” this year so most of these are of me. Ha! Ha! Sorry….



We stopped at my parents for a quick visit before heading over to Marlene and Brians for dinner


Getting a photo where all seven of us are looking, smiling, keeping eyes open is getting harder and harder. This was the best one. hahaha…not great


Can I just tell you that these two are really going to miss each other this fall.


Check out B with his little buddies, Connor and Camden. It was so fun watching him be able to play with his boy cousins.

It was a really great day!! Happy Easter!


Easter, a Gender Reveal and a Birthday

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. This year was extra busy and extra exciting!! We started off at home doing an egg hunt with the girls. Not too many 18 year olds get to hunt for eggs, but this was a special hunt. Somewhere in our house was a golden egg. Inside that egg was either blue or pink M&M’s letting the girls know whether they would be getting a baby brother or a baby sister.






It’s a boy!! I think we were all a little more than shocked to find that out. I honestly didn’t care what we were having. I just wanted to make sure that this little baby was healthy. After you turn 35 the doctors, websites, magazines, message boards Etc.. scare the heck out of you. I would have been completely happy with another girl, these girls are my world. But, when the doctor called to tell me my results I couldn’t stop crying and shaking. I am BEYOND thrilled to have a boy. I can’t wait!!!

After that excitement the girls finished going through their baskets. Bath bombs from Lush were a huge hit this year.

IMG_0725IMG_0737 IMG_0736

Mimi and Baba had another hunt at their house

IMG_0751 IMG_0752 IMG_0755 IMG_0761 IMG_0762 IMG_0765 IMG_0768

Then it was off to my parents to celebrate Easter and my mom’s birthday (which happens later this week). I also got to spend time with my brothers and their families and let them know that we were having a boy! More shock!

IMG_0776 IMG_0774 IMG_0779

After all the excitement of the day we had to drop Emma back off at school.

We already miss her!! IMG_0781

The holidays are officially over and now it’s time to move on to Friary Family Birthday Season, which will now run until October!

Soccer Saturday

We have sports going on 7 days a week over here. This is the first time Chloe has played soccer since kindergarten. Her first game was this past Saturday. We all went and had so much fun watching her play. I was impressed at how good she was. Image

Check out that jersey!


She got right in there! She wasn’t timid at all!


Great job, Chloe!

Two Days With Lu

Last year at this time I was taking Lu in for her kindergarten screening. Oh man, was I upset! I remember how calmly she took the teacher’s hand and left me in the lobby on the brink of tears. She’s had the last 2 days off due to screening and even though I feel for those new mamas sending their babies off to kindergarten I got to enjoy some one on one Lucy time. We started yesterday off by going to the party store. We were in search of masks for Chloe and Megan’s semi formal this weekend. We had a ton of fun!!







After that we headed over to Target because let’s face it, Target with a little one makes me feel like a modern mama 🙂 Joking! (Not really)
Lucy picked McDonalds for lunch.


We finished our day together by taking a nice walk



We’re just hanging around the house today, watching movies and playing ponies


Oh how I’ve missed the company during the day!!


Hope everyone had a nice Easter! We had a great day with both sides of the family this year! We did miss my brother Craig and nephew Colton, though. 


I forgot how exciting Easter can be for a 5 year old. She was excited all week! 


Holidays are officially over. On to birthday season!!


I’m not a huge fan of the carnival at all! But every year it comes to town and every year it parks it’s self on town field. Town field is in front of the school so there is no avoiding it. Don’t get me wrong,  I love rides, cotton candy and happy children. I just love them some place other then the carnival. Jon and the girls talked me into going this year and look what happened:


That’s me having fun at the carnival!! This was the Sizzler ride. We laughed like fools on that ride, it was so much fun!!


Look! I’m still smiling!!


Jon loves the carnival!

I’m glad that we went this year. It was a lot of fun and small enough to be done with in an hour. We had a lot of laughs, I got some cute pictures and we ate a huge bag of cotton candy! What’s better then that?