Another Change

Well I am no longer a minivan driving mama. After 11 years of driving a van I switched over to an SUV. I remember when Jon and I got my first van, I drove around the Green thinking that everyone was looking at me and laughing. Crazy, I know. But I grew to love that blue van. I took Chloe home from the hospital in that van. I went on to drive 2 more Honda Odysseys. I loved being a van mom but was ready for a change. Lucy wasn’t as excited about the switch (at first). Now she’s excited to jump in the new truck to go for a ride. 

We spent all day on Tuesday at the Honda dealership. She was a great little helper. I found it kind of funny that she kept bopping around the place. She knew that upstairs in the waiting room was a big plate of deserts. The sales guy ran up and down the stairs a number of times to get her water, a danish, a donut and a couple of cups of popcorn. I’m sure he was as thrilled to close the deal as I was. Next time you’re going to buy a car you should see if you can borrow someone’s 4 year old. Image

Our old van:Image

The new SUV:Image