My Kitchen

My friend just sent me a text asking me to blog about my kitchen organization. I thought “What a fantastic idea!!” Unfortunately I am the most unorganized person out there. You know those people who show up to appointments on the wrong day? Yeah, that’s me. It’s not like I don’t have everything written down on a calendar in my unorganized kitchen either. Geez! When I first moved into this house I looked around my kitchen in awe! It was huge with TONS of cabinets and 2, yes 2, closets!! How on earth would I fill it all up? Well I became something of a dish hoarder. I have a couple sets in my cabinets, 2 sets of china in my hutch and another box in the attic (don’t tell Jon about that one). The kitchen in my first house was teeny tiny! I had just enough room for a table and 5 chairs. I also had very little cabinet and counter space. There wasn’t a built in microwave so that sat on my little counter. I never had enough room for my cereal boxes so they sat on top of the cabinets. But when I look through old pictures of the girls in that kitchen I wish I could remember exactly what it looked like in those cabinets. I wish I would have taken the time back then to take some more pictures.  I don’t ever remember feeling cramped in that kitchen. I do, however, remember a lot of fun times with Jon and our babies in that kitchen. I spend more time in this room (typing in here now) then any other room in my house. I do have 5 other mouths to feed and someone is CONSTANTLY hungry! My cabinets are overflowing, there are always dishes to be done,  i always have crumbs on my counter and floor, the computer desk is always over flowing with papers and books, there are always multiple pairs of shoes on the floor and toys to step over (or stub your toe on). But, when I take the time to look around I realize that it’s all a great big blessing. It’s always warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There is always food in the fridge and pantry. There’s always someone to give you a quick hug. So I can’t give any tips on kitchen organization but I can share with you some of my kitchen that means so much to me. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s filled with people you love you’ll be comfortable.  I think it’s true that the kitchen is the heart of the home.


Woah! That scratch really shows up when there’s a flash on it. 


My favorite apron! 


This hangs because I’m obviously not corny or mushy enough when it comes to my family.


My favorite toy (besides my camera)


My Nana’s bean pot


Our place of peace, where we sit and hold hands and tell each other why we’re thankful for each other every night. This is not the place where we get annoyed with each other, fight, yell, sometimes cry, talk over one another, call names (what?), spill drinks or sneak food to Daisy. Yeah right! 


One of my favorite chairs with some goodies made by my mommy.

It’s not a perfect kitchen, in fact there are lots of things that I would like to change but it’s mine and I share it with my five favorite people! 

3 thoughts on “My Kitchen

  1. Jill you are truly blessed . You have a wonderful family, they are so lucky to have you for a mom and a wife. I am lucky to have you for a daughter. love you forever. mom

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