Back to School

And, just like that, summer is over.

We had our annual back to school dinner last night:


Emma started her senior year of high school today. It hit me last night that this will be my last first day of school with her. I remember her first day of preschool, whispering to Jon “I’m scared, daddy” and crying all the way home. I remember crying on her first day of kindergarten. I remember crying on her first day of 1st grade. I remember, oh you get it. I didn’t cry this morning, though. I think I might be in denial. Which is probably a good place for me to be right now. 

This little sweetie started 8th grade this morning:Image

And seriously, how is she already in 6th grade?:Image

This next one makes me laugh because Megan was flipping out for me to take the picture before the bus pulled up. I guess it’s uncool for your mom to take your picture in front of the bus when you’re in 8th grade:Image

I’ve been enjoying a couple hours of quiet with Lucy. I still have her around for a few more days until she starts kindergarten. 

Here’s a Lucy funny:

Last night when Jon tucked Lucy into bed he gave her a hug and she put her sweet little hands on his cheeks and said “Daddy, has anyone ever told you you’re ugly before? Because you’re not and you’re nice.” Hahahaha! God Bless her kindergarten teacher!