Weekly Recap

I feel like we are in the thick of summer fun right now, even though we have another week of school left.

Lucy had her Last Blast on Thursday

I really like her group of friends. They all have pretty big personalities but they seem to compliment one another. Every once in a while you hear some arguing but mostly giggling. They point out when someone is doing or saying something wrong but not in a mean natured way. Almost adult like. They are also really good at complimenting each other and cheering each other on. It’s really FUN watching them all together.

Emma and Tess went to Iceland last week and it seemed strange to have my iPhone app look like this

She was REALLY far away!

Jon chaperoned Lucy’s canoe trip

This girl is way too cool to grocery shop

Saturday morning coffee and peaches with this boy

On Saturday we drove to Taunton where Megan received the Italian Club scholarship

When we left there we stopped to see Scott and Sean who were both in town for a christening.

After a long day Jon and I hung out with the kids and relaxed

Beckett has some water drops in his hair but I LOVE this big curl

Yesterday we took Lucy and Beck strawberry picking

And a few more random photos

Lucy got a chance to snuggle up sweet Sydney

And a few from Iceland even though Emma will end up putting these on her page

And even though it’s not a flattering picture of me I love it. I’ve had a baby on my hip for 22 years!!! It’s kinda my favorite thing


This Moment

She was sitting on the couch while I was putting Lucy’s lunch together this morning. I turned and saw her staring at me. She smiled and I burst into tears. It’s gonna be a long week. Graduation tomorrow.


We took Megan and her friend up to Maine to look at UNE. Normally Jon is the one to take the girls on these college tours but we decided this time to make it a family affair. Ha! Sorry, Megs! I’m sure Marina loved a big ole family road trip with the Friary’s. 

I’ll admit, I wanted to go because I wanted to spend a few hours up in Portland. We missed going up to Maine this summer and I think we were all craving donuts from Holy Donuts 

Marina’s cousin just opened an organic cosmetic shop so we stopped in there because the girls had ordered some cheer makeup 

Super cute shop! And, I love stores that have things to entertain kids while you shop!

We stopped at this place called Flatbreads for lunch and it was probably the best pizza we’ve ever had! Will definitely remember that place for next summer 

It was a fun way to end our summer vacation. I’m not ready for all of the college hoopla that we’ll be going through over the next year but as much as I try, I can’t slow down time. 

I’m just thankful that I have this little guy who makes me feel young 😊

Back to School

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that summer is over. When I dropped Lu off this morning it felt like I was just there. How could that have been over two months ago? Crazy!! I am looking forward to seeing some of my mama friends at pickup this afternoon. 

We had our annual back to school dinner a couple of nights ago. Now that cheer has started and the girls have work at night I had to wait until all seven of us were around. 

I took Lucy on a little back to school date

I got woken up at 5:30 this morning by the superintendent of schools calling to report a safety issue. Apparently someone made a threat to the high school. Nice! Not really how I wanted to send my girls back to school. I guess that’s the way of the world right now. Sad.

These two were ready to get back, though. 

My last first day of school picture of Megan. 😥
Lucy was excited to get back too! She has both of her best friends in her class this year!

Beckett didn’t want to get out of the pictures this morning 

I keep trying to convince him that he has another 4 years at home but he’s ready to go too!

Other than the 5:30 phone call and the fact that the oil man decided to deliver our oil (and block the driveway) when I was already running late to get Lucy to school, it was a really good morning. Fingers crossed and prayers going up that this is a great school year for all my girls, Emma starts on Tuesday. 

Last Day of School

Just like that another year is over. I can’t believe that my little Lu is going to be a fourth grader. Where does the time go?? 

She honestly wasn’t that excited for school to end this year. She LOVES being able to spend the day with her friends!! She loved her teacher this year, too! Luckily one of her very best friends, Carleigh, lives right across the street. 

We have a tradition of going out for ice cream on the last day of school. This is the first year that it was just the two of us. Her sisters finished up last week and changed the ice cream tradition to pizza. 

I’m definitely looking forward to our summer traditions and lazy mornings but I really wish time would slow down a little. Next year at this time I’ll be crying over the fact that this little girl will be heading off to middle school. Gulp….

First Day of School

Every year before the first day of school I have a back to school dinner. I make a “fancy” dinner, decorate the table and we sit around talking about the year ahead. We talk about goals, hopes, plans etc… This year I didn’t do that. It’s not that I forgot, I just didn’t have the energy to do it. We DID have dinner together last night and we DID talk about the year ahead but it wasn’t as wonderful (cheesy) as years passed. I’m sure the two high schoolers appreciated it but I kinda felt bad for Lucy. Not that she mentioned it or even seemed to care. HA! I just don’t want to start giving up on these traditions that I had with the girls. I feel like she’s going to miss out on some pretty fun things. I also spend an hour on the first day baking cookies for when they get home. I didn’t do that this year either. I sucked big time at this whole back to school thing this year. I DID get my first day of school photos though.


I can’t believe that my Meggie is a junior in high school. It’s been hitting me this week and I’m starting to panic about the next two years flying by.


Make that four years!! Chloe is a freshman this year. Oh my goodness……..time is going by way too fast.


I do like having them both at the same place this year. It makes my life a LOT easier!!

Lucy didn’t care to get up any earlier than she had to. HA! So once the girls left I took my time getting things done in the kitchen. I made her lunch and included her first love note of the year (I send one everyday)



Look at my big third grader!

Let’s take a closer look at Lucy and how old she’s getting!


A few more at the bus stop


How about a close up of this guy too


All morning I told him that we were going to have SO much fun over the next 5 years because it goes by FAST!!

One with daddy


And here comes the bus


She was so excited that Carleigh is in her class!


And she’s off!! Here’s to a wonderful school year!


Back to School

Last night we had our annual back to school dinner with the girls. I always have a lot of fun planning and setting up the table for this.




We talk about the year ahead and what their plans and goals for the year are.

The girls were up before I was this morning, eager to start their new year.

My sophomore:



My eighth grader:

IMG_1257 IMG_1259

My second grader:


I swear if someone doesn’t get this kid back to London ASAP she’s going to burst!!


And a few from the bus stop:

IMG_1273 IMG_1278

Lucy and Esme are in the same class this year 🙂



And they’re off!! IMG_1286

Hoping and praying for a great year for all of these great kids.

Dinner For Six and a College Sophmore

Everyone knows how much family dinners mean to me so while typing out an email to Tracey on Thursday morning it hit me that dinner that night would be our last family dinner as a family of 6. Give me a break here, I’m pregnant and emotional about every little thing. I quickly finished my email and thought about what we were going to eat. I thought about putting “6” on everything but let’s be honest, by 6pm I was ready to throw some tacos on the table and call it a night. This pregnancy has wiped me out.

Dinner that night was typical. There were a few tired and grumpy kids who had slept out the night before. There were a few (me included) who weren’t really in the mood for tacos. There were a few arguments over stolen socks, bras and clothes. There was some laughing, some teasing and some reminiscing. In the middle of it all I heard Lucy giggle and mumble under her breath “I love this family”….. me too Lu, me too. By the time Emma comes home for a long weekend we’ll be joined by a new little member of the family. The only thing better than a dinner for 6 will be a dinner for 7.


After dinner we loaded up my SUV and Jon’s truck full of Emma’s school things. By Friday morning she was SO excited to get going. I remember dropping her off last year and how nervous we both were. This year was completely different!


She couldn’t wait to start her sophomore year. I could barely keep up with her! Not that I can walk quickly right now anyway………

IMG_2053 IMG_2054

We had quite the moving crew that day! I knew that I wouldn’t be able to lift or carry anything and the extra help was greatly appreciated!!


Emma is rooming with 3 close friends this year. Two of them were there when we got there so that added to the excitement!


Like I said, dropping her off was different this year. She said she felt like she was home when her and I were walking in. That made it so much easier on me!! Especially knowing that she has a great big support system there with a lot of good friends.


It was a long and tiring day!! This one needed a lift back downstairs 🙂

She sent me a few pictures of her room all set up a couple of hours after I left. She settled right in. Right before I fell asleep that night my phone rang and it was Emma. It was great to hear how relaxed and happy she was. Makes it so much easier for me to relax this time around.

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school. YAY! Seriously, I wait for this ALL year! I can’t wait to NOT be on a schedule. I’m looking forward to lazy mornings, fun afternoons, late nights, beach trips, relaxing by the pool, hanging out with friends and the summer time food!! Oh, the summer time food will be great for this pregnant mama this year!

I think the girls were ready to be done too. Lucy seemed a little sad to leave her first grade teacher and a few of her friends but I promised her a fun, fun summer!! We said good bye to our favorite bus drivers yesterday and they both spoiled me with gifts for this sweet baby boy. We sent notes and gifts to them and the teachers, thanking them for a great year and wishing them an even greater summer. I love all of the end of the school activities we do every year, even though it keeps me running all over town.

Last day of 7th grade:

IMG_0998Where does the time go?? Chloe made high honors this last term. It’s something she’s been working at all year, missing it every other term by one B+. We are so proud of her but it makes us even happier to see how proud of herself she is!! Way to go Chloe!!

Last day of 1st grade:

IMG_1008It was a little early to be taking pictures with a flash. This was the biggest smile I could get out of her. Lucy also got a great report card!! She’s ready for second grade…… WHAT?!?!

After school we cleaned out ALL of the backpacks, lunch boxes, folder and computer desk:

IMG_1011 IMG_1013 IMG_1012 IMG_1009Lucy was a little sad to throw away this backpack. She’s been using it for 2 years and it’s a little ratty:

IMG_1014I packed up some of my favorite artwork, awards, certificates and sweet notes from this year. I came across Lucy’s Adventure book she made this year (we had the Author’s Tea last week). She wrote about her summer in London. I love the cover of her standing in front of Big Ben:

IMG_1015I asked her if I could take a picture of each page to post here but she said no. Sigh…… I hope nothing happens to this book because it sure is a keeper.

We went through some of our old things and found Chloe’s from first grade too. It was all about Disney World:

IMG_1016I’m looking forward to having a few more adventures with these girls this summer. Maybe I’ll have Lucy do another book 🙂

Happy Summer!!!


Well that went by in a flash! Seems like we just dropped her off at preschool. You know, the day I cried all the way home with a sleeping newborn in the backseat (that baby is on her way to high school in the fall). I still remember what she wore on her first day of school when she was 4 years old. She had on a pair of navy blue capri pants, a red shirt and a pair of red and blue Oxfords. Her hair was up in a pony tail and the look of terror on her face was one I’ll never forget.

My camera didn’t work during the ceremony. I complained enough about that stupid camera to Jon so I’ll spare the details here. I did get a couple of grainy photos outside.



I didn’t cry during the ceremony. Lets face it, ceremonies like that are long, kinda boring and extremely hot. I did however tear up at the end when one of the graduates got everyone going like it was a pep rally and  I lost it when the caps went flying in the air. Congratulations Emma! I’m so excited to see what this next phase in life is like for the two of us.