First Day of School

Every year before the first day of school I have a back to school dinner. I make a “fancy” dinner, decorate the table and we sit around talking about the year ahead. We talk about goals, hopes, plans etc… This year I didn’t do that. It’s not that I forgot, I just didn’t have the energy to do it. We DID have dinner together last night and we DID talk about the year ahead but it wasn’t as wonderful (cheesy) as years passed. I’m sure the two high schoolers appreciated it but I kinda felt bad for Lucy. Not that she mentioned it or even seemed to care. HA! I just don’t want to start giving up on these traditions that I had with the girls. I feel like she’s going to miss out on some pretty fun things. I also spend an hour on the first day baking cookies for when they get home. I didn’t do that this year either. I sucked big time at this whole back to school thing this year. I DID get my first day of school photos though.


I can’t believe that my Meggie is a junior in high school. It’s been hitting me this week and I’m starting to panic about the next two years flying by.


Make that four years!! Chloe is a freshman this year. Oh my goodness……..time is going by way too fast.


I do like having them both at the same place this year. It makes my life a LOT easier!!

Lucy didn’t care to get up any earlier than she had to. HA! So once the girls left I took my time getting things done in the kitchen. I made her lunch and included her first love note of the year (I send one everyday)



Look at my big third grader!

Let’s take a closer look at Lucy and how old she’s getting!


A few more at the bus stop


How about a close up of this guy too


All morning I told him that we were going to have SO much fun over the next 5 years because it goes by FAST!!

One with daddy


And here comes the bus


She was so excited that Carleigh is in her class!


And she’s off!! Here’s to a wonderful school year!



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