End of Summer

Today is the first day of school. Before I get to that I have to post a few pictures from this weekend. Because it was a good one. It’s been really rare to have all 7 of us available on the same day (luckily Chloe’s practice was cancelled). We packed up the car early on Sunday and headed down to Newport. We stopped at Flo’s for our favorite clam cakes and then took a ride over to Brenton Point for a picnic and a few photos.


Time is going by so quickly and I know that there won’t be a lot of opportunities for me to get these pictures



We thought by getting to the beach later in the day we would have a better chance of getting in and getting a good parking spot. WRONG! The beach parking lot was full so we had to take a ride out to Horseneck. We haven’t been there in years!!


The waves were huge and Beckett was not feeling it that day. He was happier sitting in the sand people watching.


Another end of another great summer. Jon’s vacation ended today and the girls have started another school year. 180 days of classes and then they’re all mine again.



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