Our Weekend

Oh, I just LOVE summer weekends!! We spent both days playing in the backyard with the kids:ImageImageImage

A little bit of yard work was done:Image

Until the tractor died again:Image

(is it creepy that I take pictures when he isn’t looking?)

We washed the cars:ImageImageImage

We ate yummy food:ImageImageImage

Lucy became a dragon fly whisperer:Image

And we spent Saturday night over a friends house, talking and laughing late into the night.

Of course the weekend wasn’t perfect. I had laundry and cleaning. I had a little girl who wasn’t feeling well. I broke up more arguments then I would like to admit to,  Jon drove across 3 towns to pick Emma up from a sleepover and she was STILL sleeping when he got there. His tractor died after just getting it fixed 2 weeks ago and he was attacked by wasps while moving the hose. He got stung 3 times! Jon and I got into an argument but then something magical happened…. he admitted he was wrong. OH, I love him again!! It was a perfectly imperfect weekend!

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