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Lots of playing, lots of noise and lots of laughter!


My kids like to take lots of selfies with me lately. I’m not sure why they insist on taking them when I don’t have makeup on.


Drama Queens


She bowls like her mother.


Early morning bus stop


Lucy and Baba spent hours playing outside. They went sledding, made an igloo and built this snowman.


I wish I could have heard the story she was telling these two. She was out there for a long time talking to them.

Lunch Dates

Emma had a half day of school today and since it’s Friday we decided to surprise Lucy at lunch.


Lucy was so excited to see her walk in!! Her face turned bright pink 🙂
After lunch with Lu, Emma and I went and had our own lunch at Panera. Then did a little shopping. I love one on one time with my girls! We end up doing lots of talking and lots of laughing.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I’m “supposed” to do now that the girls are all in school. Jon keeps telling me to just do what I love. When I saw this sign today I had to buy it, because I am doing what I love, each and every day.


Happy weekend! Go Patriots!

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Business As Usual

I feel like I’ve ignored this little space of mine long enough. It’s time to get back into the swing of things around here. The holidays are over, the girls are back to school and Jon is back to work. Things around here are starting to get back to normal. I love having everyone around but I also love being in a routine. I didn’t take too many pictures over the holidays, which is a big disappointment for me but I’m finally ready to get back to it! 

I took this picture of Lucy last night while we were dancing around the kitchen:Image

Happy New Year!