December Little Things

I can’t believe we are closing out 2017. It hit me this week that 2018 will bring Jon and I TWO adult children. How is that even possible?

December was filled with a lot of fun but also a couple of stressful days.


Trips to the doctors are never fun but when you have to bring one of your children to a cardiologist in Boston it’s pretty scary. Luckily we have 5 healthy children!!

We’re starting to get things like this in the mail for Megan


Each time I find one in the mailbox my heart beats with excitement for her but then I can feel it breaking a little. I tear up EVERY time!

We had her final (ever) choir Christmas show. We’ve been going to these since she was in 2nd grade!


I’m hoping that Lucy will continue so we have a lot more of these to go to.

Chloe sent me this picture of Beckett while babysitting one night


I can usually find Lucy and Beckett snuggled up under a blanket watching tv together or hanging out on the heater in deep conversation. Ha! It’s cold up here!!


Sometime he’ll snuggle up to the dog


I like to sit and watch him play. I try and take as many pictures as I can because it’s so sweet to watch and I’m sad that I don’t have many pictures of Emma, Megan and Chloe playing when they were little.


We celebrated Baba’s 72nd birthday this week with our other favorite boy, Colton.


practiced a little yoga


Did a little after Christmas shopping


The month was filled with lots of shopping, lots of music, lots of dates for Jon and I. A lot of love, laughter and really good memories.

Our 2017 Christmas Card


My best 2017 photos on Instagram


Happy New Year!! See you in 2018!!




I always say that I’m going to take more pictures at Christmas but I never do. It’s one of those days that I just try and live in the moment. The pictures that I do take NEVER come out great but I’m going to add them here because it really was a great day and I want to remember it always. Bad, blurry, unflattering pictures and all.


Collin brought Emma this big teddy bear that Beckett fell in love with


Christmas Eve was a lot of fun with my parents. You could just feel the excitement in the house that day. Lucy and Beckett were pretty much bouncing off the walls, excited for Santa to come!!


The kids do their sibling gift exchange on Christmas Eve. It’s always so fun to see the thoughtful gifts they buy for one another.


Tracey sent this great unicorn blanket to Lucy



The sky that night kind of stopped me in my tracks. I just stood by my kitchen door and watched every last second until the sun finally sunk behind the trees.


After my parents left we put on our new Christmas pajamas, took out the big tin of popcorn and watched Christmas movies until it was time to tuck those babies in



As you can see my house was already trashed and it wasn’t even Christmas morning yet!!

Jon and I stayed up late watching It’s a Wonderful Life


We woke up to a blanket of snow outside and a pile of presents under our tree



Brian, Marlene and Liz drove through the snow to come spend Christmas with us


And of course I don’t have any other pictures.

Beckett is loving his new presents!! The tv hasn’t been on Disney junior at all the last couple of days


Pottery barn kids reached out to me asking to use that picture of Beckett in his new sleeping bag.

It all seemed to go by in such a blur!! The entire month did!! I have lots of updates that I will post before December is up. Right now I’m going to go pour myself a glass of eggnog and see if there are any Christmas cookies left.






Snow Day

It looks like we’re going to have another white Christmas. This will be our 11th Christmas up here and our 8th white Christmas. I’m only a big fan of snow until about mid February and then I’m DONE. Beckett had a great time watching the snow fall this weekend

He probably doesn’t remember this from last year so it was all new to him.

Sunday morning I took Lucy and Beckett out to play in the snow

After about 20 minutes I asked him if he was ready to go in the house (he had wet mittens and hat) he reached his hands up for me to pick him up. ha! This is the first time EVER he didn’t throw a temper tantrum when it was time to go in the house. I guess he’s going to be more of a summer guy. Fine by me!

Christmas Weekend

It’s here!! Christmas time!!!! We had such a fun and busy Christmasy weekend with the kids. We started off by taking Lucy and Beckett to the town tree lighting on Friday night. The look on Beckett’s face when Santa Claus came in on the fire truck was priceless.


We’ve been talking all things Christmas including Santa Claus so it’s been pretty exciting to see his reaction.

Saturday morning we took the two of them to Lucy’s school for breakfast with Santa


He did a lot better than he did last year


Hahaha! And the year before:


Oh man, someone needs to stop this baby from growing up so quick! Both of them!! Look at how little sweet Lu was!

Saturday afternoon the seven of us went to our favorite Christmas tree farm to cut down our tree


Sunday morning I took off to do a little Christmas shopping with Megan. We did a little decorating when we got home


On Sunday night we decorated the tree while listening to Christmas music


While shopping on Sunday morning I bought this new tree topper. It was 4 years ago on Sunday that I found out I was pregnant with the baby I never got to meet so I thought that the angel would be absolutely perfect.

Only 20 days to go!!!




Little Elves

Our little Christmas elves are back! When the girls were little our elves would bring them little treats throughout the month of December. They had little stockings that hung on their dresser drawers. They would get things like Christmas stickers, pencils, Hershey kisses, candy canes, etc…… as they got older they got things like lipgloss, nail polish, headbands, etc…. I’m not sure WHY this tradition was started and I’m pretty sure it’s too late to tell our elves to lay off the treats. Ha! But we’re down to two Little’s getting daily treats from our favorite elves so we’re gonna enjoy this a bit longer.

Beckett did NOT know what to make of the elves this morning. He was a little nervous at first but he’s starting to warm up to the elf idea. He walks by, points and blows them kisses. Sooooo cute!!

Oh what fun!! Is there anything better than little kids at Christmas time?

Happy December!


We had such a nice Christmas this year! Jon and I spent Christmas Eve day cooking, preparing for our Christmas dinner with our family. We took the girls to 4:00 Mass and then picked up some Chinese food on the way home. It was the first time we’ve ordered out  but I’m thinking it’s the start of a new tradition. IMG_0609

A few photos before churchIMG_0621IMG_0638

After dinner the girls exchanged their presents. Lucy gave her sisters some new sunglassesIMG_0657

She gave Jon a monkeyIMG_0659IMG_0645IMG_0651IMG_0653IMG_0656

We all got some new Christmas pajamas, settled into the living room for some pictures and then watched Christmas Vacation.IMG_0632IMG_0635

A Friary Selfie!IMG_0644

Santa was SO good to us this year!IMG_0681IMG_0665Real good!!! IMG_0688

But he left the glass open all night!IMG_0676

Daisy was so excited about her new toy! IMG_0679

She wasn’t sharing!IMG_0686Lucy and BabaIMG_0696Marlene, Liz and SydneyIMG_0697EmmaIMG_0695Jon and BrianIMG_0693Mimi and MeganIMG_0692I can’t believe another Christmas has come and gone!! Only 363 days until next Christmas!!

Christmas Tree 2014

This is our fourth year at this farm and we’ve made some amazing memories here! IMG_0512

Hunting for our Christmas tree is always a lot of fun for our family (most families, I’m sure). Last years tree was teeny tiny so this year we wanted to make sure that we found one taller than Jon and I. Of course I had to stop and take some shots of the girls along the way.IMG_0522 IMG_0524 IMG_0520 IMG_0518 IMG_0515 IMG_0531 IMG_0534 IMG_0540 IMG_0547

After walking around in the freezing cold we decided on this great big tree! It should fit, right?IMG_0528It was definitely taller than Jon and I.IMG_0531

Megan went looking for help for this enormous tree! IMG_0549

Jumping on for a ride:IMG_0552

It was so nice having everyone home that weekend to decorate the tree together. IMG_0570 IMG_0568 IMG_0564 IMG_0561 IMG_0558

The finished tree! See, it hardly fits in the shot! This is the biggest tree we’ve had in years, it’s as crooked as all our trees from years past but I love it!IMG_0583

These are our two new ornaments. Every time we go on vacation I like to take home an ornament as a reminder of a great trip. However, these are from Potterybarn, not London. IMG_0589 IMG_0592