We had such a nice Christmas this year! Jon and I spent Christmas Eve day cooking, preparing for our Christmas dinner with our family. We took the girls to 4:00 Mass and then picked up some Chinese food on the way home. It was the first time we’ve ordered out  but I’m thinking it’s the start of a new tradition. IMG_0609

A few photos before churchIMG_0621IMG_0638

After dinner the girls exchanged their presents. Lucy gave her sisters some new sunglassesIMG_0657

She gave Jon a monkeyIMG_0659IMG_0645IMG_0651IMG_0653IMG_0656

We all got some new Christmas pajamas, settled into the living room for some pictures and then watched Christmas Vacation.IMG_0632IMG_0635

A Friary Selfie!IMG_0644

Santa was SO good to us this year!IMG_0681IMG_0665Real good!!! IMG_0688

But he left the glass open all night!IMG_0676

Daisy was so excited about her new toy! IMG_0679

She wasn’t sharing!IMG_0686Lucy and BabaIMG_0696Marlene, Liz and SydneyIMG_0697EmmaIMG_0695Jon and BrianIMG_0693Mimi and MeganIMG_0692I can’t believe another Christmas has come and gone!! Only 363 days until next Christmas!!

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