Sunday Snapshots

My New Years resolution was to take more pictures this year. Today is the 11th and I haven’t taken my camera out once!
This morning we took the girls to TJ Maxx and Lucy fell in love with this gigantic unicorn


You could tell the woman working behind the counter got a kick out of her. She looked pretty cute walking up to the counter with a unicorn bigger than her and her Christmas money (thank you, Auntie Di)

We also played in the snow for a little while with Chloe and Lucy




Fun, but too cold!!!

Jon is leaving for London this week and Emma has to go back to College in a week so we’ve been trying to enjoy as much family time as possible. No time to take my pictures. I did snap this one at dinner tonight, though. I love that we had a dinner guest. It’s not everyday that we’re able to dine with a majestic unicorn


Thank God for iPhones!

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