New Lights

Jon and I updated all of our lights on the inside and outside of the house this week.IMG_0160IMG_0161We were sitting on the couch the other day watching the Cosby Show (which turned 30 years old this week) and we noticed that the Cosby Family had the same sconces as the Friary Family.

Time for an update:IMG_0261_2IMG_0262IMG_0260We disliked the green in this light since the day we moved in. Even the dust on it couldn’t hide the ugly:IMG_0162Too plain:IMG_0163Time for an update:IMG_0266One of the children said this light looks like a boob but I still like it. So much better then the other boob light that was up there.IMG_0265Old hall light:IMG_0164Updated:

IMG_0263We also updated the bathroom lights upstairs but now we need to do some painting.

The outside lights are all updated as well and I’ll post them tomorrow.

Jon and I were a little like the mouse in the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie book. We sat there looking at the counters, the cabinets and the doors  thinking about what we would like to do next. Each room feels new and refreshed. We couldn’t be happier with how everything looks.