Lucy Art

20141016-091201.jpg Lucy’s art teacher wanted them to do a self portrait. We haven’t been able to figure out what color her eyes are yet (at 6 years old). It was really hard when I was figuring out her passport paperwork last year. They’re like marbles. There are all kinds of colors swirled in there. Sometimes they look green, sometimes brown and sometimes hazel. They are gorgeous! As you can see up top they looked green that day. Her art teacher is in the middle of teaching them how to express emotion in their portraits. This is her angry face:

20141016-092133.jpg Lucy is almost always happy but sometimes (like when someone tells her no) her angry side comes out. They also worked on their sad faces:

20141016-092255.jpg Luckily we don’t see that expression on her cute little face too often. I’m pretty impressed with these self portraits. Not too bad for a 6 year old.

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