Happy Halloween

We went on our annual hayride this weekend. Seems a little different going as a family of 4 instead of as a family of 6. It was still fun though. The girls picked out their pumpkin and we grabbed some freshly backed cookies from inside the shop. IMG_0411IMG_0410IMG_0406IMG_0404IMG_0382 IMG_0388 IMG_0401

We’re getting ready to trick or treat! Unfortunately, Megan has a game tonight so she won’t be coming along. Not to mention that she’s 14 and too old to trick or treat. It’s still sad though. I wish her and Emma were still little enough to go out with us. IMG_0425IMG_0430IMG_0432IMG_0439IMG_0446Lucy and Chloe are both getting excited to get out there! Honestly, Chloe is looking forward to getting it over so we can start listening to Christmas music.

Happy Halloween!!

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