Recent iPhone Photos

I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to be outside and actually WANT to take pictures! I refused to take my camera outside this winter. Who the heck wants to capture over 100 inches of snow??
Some of these pictures are on Instagram but I wanted to have them here as well.

St. Patricks Day:




My new rug:


I love how it brightens up the room!! Makes it almost feel like the warmer weather is actually coming


I still love watching Lucy play with her toys.

We took the kids to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston a couple of weeks ago. Lucy had a blast for the first half an hour. She told me all the Monet facts she’s learned in art class. Then she was D O N E!!


We spent a great week having Emma home for spring break. I loved having my dinner table full again. We already miss her!!


We took the girls shopping this weekend and Lucy wanted to buy this giraffe for Emma


And this bed


So far this spring has been a lot better than our winter. Can’t wait to post more about it!!