Our weekend

You know you’re gonna have a nice weekend when it starts out with a sweet 14 year old making the family dinner on Friday night. We’ve even really good with not eating meat during this lent season. Megan made a delicious garlic shrimp meal she found on my Pinterest


Saturday we got to spend the day with Aislinn and her family. This little cutie was the center of attention all day. I think the girls are going to love having a baby in the house again!!


Aislinn and Mark picked Emma up for us before heading up


How many times have I mentioned how thankful Emma goes to college near the rest of our family? I love being able to see her on the weekends!!

Yesterday was a quiet day. We took the kids shopping because that’s normally what we do on Sundays. Lucy found a K-mart flier in the newspaper and thought it looked like the best store E V E R, so we went looking for a K-mart to take her to. Our kids make the funniest requests sometimes!
Of course they also had to take a couple of Sunday selfies with me



I also should mention that Aislinn and Mark brought up some yummy deserts on Saturday that we just can’t let go to waste:


I’m a little embarrassed to say that the chocolate cream pie they brought didn’t last long enough for pictures!

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