All Five

We loved having Emma home all last weekend for Columbus Day. She seems to really be enjoying her sophomore year at school. She’s been working hard and figuring out what she wants to do when she graduates. She’s been busy with her sorority and even works part time. Fall is flying by and we’re already looking forward to having her home for Thanksgiving.


Megan has been keeping very busy with cheerleading 4 days a week, helping her dad with the attic project and keeping up with her studies. Her progress report was awesome this week!! She is such a hard worker and is constantly on the go. IMG_1400

Chloe has joined the 100 mile club again this fall but spends most of her time studying. Her progress report had all A’s and 3 A+’s. She has been such a huge help to me ever since I got home from the hospital.


Lucy started a cooking class last week after school. Her first assignment was sugar cookies and this week she made dinner rolls. They went great with the chicken parm we had for dinner that night. She also started Brownies this week. She’s been working really hard in second grade and as soon as she gets off the bus she runs up the driveway to see Beckett. I’ve been so proud of the way she’s been acting. No jealousy at all.


Beckett is already changing so much since we brought him home. He’s been doing great over night with only a couple of wake ups, which I don’t mind. I love that alone time with him when the rest of the house is asleep. The past couple of days he’s been giving me these big gummy smiles when I talk to him. He loves to be held and talked to constantly. He hates to be naked and only gets upset during diaper changes and when his belly is hungry. And boy, can this kid scream!IMG_1350

The best part about last weekend was having everyone under one roof. I couldn’t wait to get this following picture. I waited a very long time for it


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