Just a few snapshots of our first Thanksgiving as a family of 7. 

We spent most of Wednesday waiting around for Emma to get home. We baked some cookies to pass the time 

Jon took Lucy on a hike in the yard and found this great big tree 

And this weird bike

Lucy wanted to wait outside for Emma to get home and when she came down the driveway she (well Jon) lit sparklers 

Emma’s friend Landon was impressed with the greeting she got

Jon and Emma went to Megan’s football game yesterday 

I stayed home to bake while Chloe watched Beckett 

I’m pretty sure she got the best deal of the day 

We had such a nice, quiet Thanksgiving. So thankful for my 6 Friarys!! 

Recent iPhone Photos

Oh how I miss my camera!!! I haven’t had time to take it out and take pictures lately. I mean, I haven’t had time to do anything but sit here and snuggle with this sweet little baby boy. Luckily I have a few moments from this past month captured on my phone

Lucy’s bestie from across the street went to Disney a few weeks ago and brought her back this adorable necklace. I told Tracey that we needed them for us too 🙂

Colton and Craig got to meet Beckett this month

Yup, Beckett is always attached to me

He is constantly getting love from his sisters . We can’t wait until Emma gets home for thanksgiving so she can love him up too. 

  his sister’s friends love him up too

I find lots of selfies on my phone. I think they miss my camera too.

Candy land games take place a few times a week

I love all of his little expressions 

Jon taught Milo how to build a fire last weekend. He’s gonna need those fire building skills once he moves to Minnesota.

Lucy has to say goodbye to her good friend Esme this week. They packed up their house and are heading half way across the country. We’re all a little sad about it. They’ve been such great neighbors these last 8 years. There was always something comforting knowing that Gretchen was there in case I wasn’t home in time to get one of the girls. Megan will miss babysitting the kids too. We wish them all the best on their new adventure!! 

Beckett James, Month One

I can’t believe he is already a month old!! I had to head up north this morning to get a copy of Beck’s birth certificate. It felt a little weird to be traveling by the hospital exactly (almost to the minute) an entire month later with this sweet little babe in the backseat. This month has flown by and he is already changing so much!!

Weight: 9lbs 15.5oz

Length:21.5 inches long

Loves: to be held ALL the time!! Thankfully there is always someone around who wants to hold him. He also loves to take walks in the stroller. As soon as we walk outside his eyes start to flutter and he’s asleep before we even make it to the driveway. He likes to sit in his Mamaroo and listen to Lucy read him a story. He also loves the Boba wrap. It’s the only way I can get anything done around here. It also makes running errands easier.

Dislikes: his car seat, being put down and being on his tummy

Sleeps: he’s doing much better sleeping at night this week. He will go down around 10pm and sleep anywhere from 3-5 hours depending on the night. He wakes up to be changed, fed and entertained for about an hour and then goes back to sleep for a few more hours. As soon as Chloe goes off to school he falls back asleep for a few more hours, making it easier for me to get Lucy ready.

He’s happiest in the morning and gives out the biggest smiles. He is such a little love but he does scream his little head off when he’s mad.

Beckett with his family:


IMG_0396IMG_1436 IMG_1429 IMG_1425IMG_0405IMG_0175

The many faces of Beckett:


His favorite:

IMG_0422 IMG_0428 IMG_0418

Trying to entertain him at 3am


Watching him sleep next to me:


And a few more:


IMG_0632 IMG_0522 IMG_0521 IMG_0538

It’s been a fun month!! We all are so in love with this little boy.

Being Thankful

We have so much to be thankful for this year here at the Friary house. Starting with our sweet baby Beckett. 

I didn’t have time to make a thankful tree this year (I’m still trying to get through my thank you cards) but I did want to take the time to reflect on all we’ve been blessed with. I think it’s so important for the girls to take a minute out of their day to do the same. I decided to use my kitchen chalkboard and place our thankful leaves all around it. I love reading all of the girls’ leaves year after year. I can’t wait to watch this wall fill up this month. 

It’s a small simple tradition that has come to mean so much. 


Beckett’s first Halloween

Just because:

Lucy had a Halloween party to go to for Girl Scouts on Friday. Megan did her zombie makeup

She did a really good job!! Lucy quickly got into character!

Saturday morning we tried to go on our annual hayride but they were closed so we came home and carved (and painted) pumpkins

Beckett got dressed up as a little monster

We had perfect weather yesterday! 

Chloe made her costume this year:

Cutest gum ball machine ever!!

We missed Emma this year. Holidays, yes even Halloween aren’t the same without everyone around. She sent me this picture of her and her best friend, Landon. Hoping she doesn’t mind that I use it here. 

The girls got lots of treats last night  

As we were walking around Jon and I realized it was our 20th Halloween as parents. That’s a LOT of candy!!