Beckett’s first Halloween

Just because:

Lucy had a Halloween party to go to for Girl Scouts on Friday. Megan did her zombie makeup

She did a really good job!! Lucy quickly got into character!

Saturday morning we tried to go on our annual hayride but they were closed so we came home and carved (and painted) pumpkins

Beckett got dressed up as a little monster

We had perfect weather yesterday! 

Chloe made her costume this year:

Cutest gum ball machine ever!!

We missed Emma this year. Holidays, yes even Halloween aren’t the same without everyone around. She sent me this picture of her and her best friend, Landon. Hoping she doesn’t mind that I use it here. 

The girls got lots of treats last night  

As we were walking around Jon and I realized it was our 20th Halloween as parents. That’s a LOT of candy!!