Baba’s 70th Birthday

We celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday this week. It was great getting everyone together

Ashlynn finally got to meet Beckett

All of the grandchildren (9) singing happy birthday

Seems like every time I take a picture of the grandchildren there is another one added. This years photo


With Mimi and Baba

And a big family photo (minus Andrea)

Happy Birthday, Dad!! We all love you so much and are so thankful for you. 


Beckett’s Christening

We had Beckett’s Christening yesterday. This is the longest that we have ever waited to baptize any of our babies. The girls were all around 4 weeks old but our church is only doing them once every other month. We took a couple of pictures before we went to the church. IMG_1536IMG_1537IMG_1183


There were about 5 other babies getting baptized yesterday. Beckett was the youngest baby so it made me feel a little better that we didn’t get it done earlier.

Proud parents:

Proud God parents, Justin and Aislinn


Loved his little spit bubble


He was excited to be blessed:


A few after ceremony pictures:


I didn’t get as many pictures of the after party celebration as I would have liked but I did sneak in a few.

Future best buddies:


His sweet God mother with baby Camden


And my parentsIMG_1615



I am slacking on the picture taking front these days. I wanted to take a lot more pictures yesterday of everyone who came to celebrate Beckett. We love you all so much and appreciate each and every one of you.

Beckett James, Month Two

Sweet little Beck turned two months on Saturday! I’ve been waiting a few days to post this so I could get his stats from the doctor. He had his 2 month wellness check this morning. He got his vaccines (3 shots) and my heart just about broke! I could see the pain in his cute little face 😦 He’s been pretty miserable all afternoon too. 

Weight: 11.11 

Length: 23 inches 

Loves: to be held!! This baby wants to be held nonstop! There is always someone willing to grab him so he’s pretty lucky! He also likes to lay on his playmat and “play” with his toys. He’s been busy staring at the lights on the Christmas tree this week and likes to stare at the ceiling fan 🙂 

Dislikes: car rides and being on his tummy. 

Sleep: he’s been doing much better at night this month. He’ll sleep anywhere from 5-7 hours, wake up to eat and then goes back down for a few hours. I’m feeling much more human these days. During the day he’ll sleep off and on and does much better if he’s in my Boba wrap. 

He’s been talking up a storm lately too. He’ll look us right in the eye and tell us the best stories!! He’s so serious when he’s talking, I have to wonder what he’s thinking. He giggled for the first time on Saturday and it was just about the cutest sound I’ve ever heard! The last couple of weeks he’s been drooling nonstop and chomping on his hand. I’m wondering if this is the start of him teething. He refuses to take a binky even though I’ve tried 4 different kinds. He flips out whenever we try to give him a bottle too. It’ll be months before Jon and I can have a solo date night. That’s ok, time seems to be flying by right now. 

Some pictures from his month:


Our 25 Days of Christmas

We try to do something Christmasy everyday during the month of December. It’s crazy how quickly the holiday season flies by! We try and soak up as much of this holiday goodness as we can. This weekend was so much fun!! We started out by going to the tree lighting downtown on Friday night. Unfortunately, it was too cold for Beckett so we missed the actual lighting but we hung out for a little while, listened to the little children sing and had some hot cocoa. 


Lucy was really disappointed that we missed the tree lighting. I think it’s starting to sink in a little that the baby’s needs sometimes have to come first. 

She was happy on Saturday morning when we got to have breakfast at her school and meet Santa and Mrs. Claus. 

We watched Elf by the fire on Saturday night 

On Sunday we drove into Boston. We were all so excited when Primark opened in Downtown Crossing. This was one of our favorite stores to shop in on Oxford Street in London. 

We stocked up on some of our favorite things and then headed to Pret for lunch. Pret is another one of our London favorites. We were excited to see it was right next door to Primark. They didn’t have my favorite Yoga Bunny Detox drink but everything else is the same. I have to see if I can order a case of that somewhere. It is my favorite drink of all time!!

We listened to some Christmas caroling in front of Macy’s

Then spent the rest of the day walking around the city

After spending the day in Boston it’s safe to say that we’re all in the Christmas spirit.