Beckett’s Christening

We had Beckett’s Christening yesterday. This is the longest that we have ever waited to baptize any of our babies. The girls were all around 4 weeks old but our church is only doing them once every other month. We took a couple of pictures before we went to the church. IMG_1536IMG_1537IMG_1183


There were about 5 other babies getting baptized yesterday. Beckett was the youngest baby so it made me feel a little better that we didn’t get it done earlier.

Proud parents:

Proud God parents, Justin and Aislinn


Loved his little spit bubble


He was excited to be blessed:


A few after ceremony pictures:


I didn’t get as many pictures of the after party celebration as I would have liked but I did sneak in a few.

Future best buddies:


His sweet God mother with baby Camden


And my parentsIMG_1615



I am slacking on the picture taking front these days. I wanted to take a lot more pictures yesterday of everyone who came to celebrate Beckett. We love you all so much and appreciate each and every one of you.


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