Beckett James, Month Two

Sweet little Beck turned two months on Saturday! I’ve been waiting a few days to post this so I could get his stats from the doctor. He had his 2 month wellness check this morning. He got his vaccines (3 shots) and my heart just about broke! I could see the pain in his cute little face 😦 He’s been pretty miserable all afternoon too. 

Weight: 11.11 

Length: 23 inches 

Loves: to be held!! This baby wants to be held nonstop! There is always someone willing to grab him so he’s pretty lucky! He also likes to lay on his playmat and “play” with his toys. He’s been busy staring at the lights on the Christmas tree this week and likes to stare at the ceiling fan πŸ™‚ 

Dislikes: car rides and being on his tummy. 

Sleep: he’s been doing much better at night this month. He’ll sleep anywhere from 5-7 hours, wake up to eat and then goes back down for a few hours. I’m feeling much more human these days. During the day he’ll sleep off and on and does much better if he’s in my Boba wrap. 

He’s been talking up a storm lately too. He’ll look us right in the eye and tell us the best stories!! He’s so serious when he’s talking, I have to wonder what he’s thinking. He giggled for the first time on Saturday and it was just about the cutest sound I’ve ever heard! The last couple of weeks he’s been drooling nonstop and chomping on his hand. I’m wondering if this is the start of him teething. He refuses to take a binky even though I’ve tried 4 different kinds. He flips out whenever we try to give him a bottle too. It’ll be months before Jon and I can have a solo date night. That’s ok, time seems to be flying by right now. 

Some pictures from his month:



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