Recent iPhone Photos

Don’t you just love when months like January and February fly by? This has been the best winter!! Hardly any snow to complain about and warmer than usual temperatures. We’ve been busy as usual around here and nothing too exciting is happening so no need to take out my big camera. Here are a few iPhone photos from this month 

Lucy was busy prepping for her little Valentine’s Party at school

My little Love Bandit on his first Valentine’s Day 

We spend way too much time taking silly pictures and videos on Snapchat

Beckett hadn’t seen my dad in a few weeks and was trying to figure out who he was

  Ha! He actually loves my dad and ended up spending a long time with him. 
 A little mini getaway with the kids. Beckett did awesome at his first hotel stay

Lots more pictures on my Instagram page Jillfri.   Go check them out 

Beckett James, Month Four

Four months old!!!

Weight: 14.3

Height:25 inches

Loves: his mommy 🙂 His sisters and his daddy too!! Also, his monkey and his sophie giraffe. Still loves to be held and prefers this to any seat, stroller or bouncer 🙂

Dislikes, being put down and going to sleep

Sleeps…… NOPE! We have had the worst month of sleep yet! I’m pretty sure that he slept better when he was a newborn. He wants to be held all through the night and the minute I put him down his eyes pop open and he screams.

Other than the “no sleep issue”, we’ve had a great month! He is learning and doing so much!! He bats at his toys in his gym, he brings toys to his mouth. He is constantly smiling and cooing. He’s still trying to roll over but hasn’t quite mastered that yet. He can lift himself up when on his tummy but isn’t a big fan of tummy time. He entertains himself for a little while when he’s on his mat or in his exersaucer. He chews on his hands constantly but doesn’t seem to have any pain there.


He looks like a good sleeper but trust me, he’s not. Mama is exhausted and most nights I don’t get more than 2 hours of sleep and it’s completely broken up.


He really is a happy baby 🙂


Always chewing on his hands


Love’s all his toys!


He’s quite the little selfie taker


He’s a big fan of sweet potatoes!! His first time eating them was so cute! I never saw a baby more excited to try their first food. He would open his mouth for more every time the spoon came near him. He was all smiles!


That picture just cracks me up. Ha!


Oh Beckett, you are a complete joy!!! Everyone in the house rushes home to see you every day. You’re never put down because there is always someone wanting to hold you and love you up. You’ll probably never sleep through the night but that’s okay. We love you anyways!

Weekend Snapshots

Winter has finally arrived in the Northeast

The kids had Friday off from school and are home again today. 

Beckett is the seriously the happiest baby!! 

Jon and I (Beckett too) took Lucy to a birthday party on Saturday. Lucy did a great job skating around with Jon but the poor little thing was so sore all day yesterday. During the party Megan and Chloe went to the mall together. I have to say that I LOVE when these two do mall trips together because they have the funniest stories to tell me when I pick them up. They laugh the entire time!! Half the time they laugh through their stories they’re trying to tell me. It’s seriously the best!! 

We spent yesterday at the car dealership. 

It’s time for me to go back to the minivan. I never really liked the SUV. I never had the room I needed in it. I still have two car seats and it was such a pain getting the big girls in the backseat. Driving a van actually makes me feel younger. LOL Probably because I bought my first one at 25 and have always had little kids in it. Hey, I’m turning 40 this summer so I’ll take what I can get! 😉 

The Super Bowl was last night and it was the most boring game of all time!! Lucy was a little upset that the Patriots didn’t make it.

And of course a Sunday around here isn’t complete without donuts!! 

Recent iPhone Photos

This picture is hard to make out but it’s of Lucy and Carleigh playing in the snow. It was SO cute to me watching these two little girls play outside that day. Makes me so thankful that she has a bff who lives across the street.

Emma is back at school after having an entire month off for Christmas break. We loved having her home!! She got really attached to Beck and I think leaving him was hard on her. 

I love being able to spend time with Kirsten and her sweet little Gioia. It’s been so much fun having babies together again!! 

Sometimes the light is just right and you’re daughter looks so pretty that you just HAVE to take a picture

And sometimes they look so cute and you know that you’re going to miss them while they’re at school all day

We were pretty bummed out about the Patriots losing last week

I think Beckett looks just like Jon in this picture! 

Chloe was showing Jon some yoga moves

We’ve also been loving spending time with Aislinn and her family. Babies, babies everywhere in my life again!! Love it! Alison came up to visit last week, I wish I would’ve gotten a picture of her and Beckett. She’s ready to pop at any minute too!! Looking forward to that call.  

When Lucy was little she used to play with this little girl named Kiersten. It’s been a few years since they’ve gotten together but they rekindled their friendship this year once they started riding on the bus together. Her mom snapped this picture the other day. 

That’s them when they were little

Megan taking care of Beckett when I was sick last week. I wish I would’ve gotten a picture of Chloe too. She was in the kitchen making dinner for everyone. I’ve been blessed with the best girls! 

My parents came up to help out with Beckett so I could get some more rest last week. 

Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one to get sick

Poor Lucy caught it too! She was sick with a high fever for 4 days. 

She started to feel better yesterday so we took a walk to get Chloe from the bus. The weather has been awesome this winter (knock on wood)!! Yesterday was in the 50’s

So that’s been life lately 🙂 

Of course there are about 400 pictures of Beckett on this camera roll but I’ll post them next week along with his 4 month stats. I can’t believe he’s going to be 4 months already!!