Weekend Snapshots

Winter has finally arrived in the Northeast

The kids had Friday off from school and are home again today. 

Beckett is the seriously the happiest baby!! 

Jon and I (Beckett too) took Lucy to a birthday party on Saturday. Lucy did a great job skating around with Jon but the poor little thing was so sore all day yesterday. During the party Megan and Chloe went to the mall together. I have to say that I LOVE when these two do mall trips together because they have the funniest stories to tell me when I pick them up. They laugh the entire time!! Half the time they laugh through their stories they’re trying to tell me. It’s seriously the best!! 

We spent yesterday at the car dealership. 

It’s time for me to go back to the minivan. I never really liked the SUV. I never had the room I needed in it. I still have two car seats and it was such a pain getting the big girls in the backseat. Driving a van actually makes me feel younger. LOL Probably because I bought my first one at 25 and have always had little kids in it. Hey, I’m turning 40 this summer so I’ll take what I can get! πŸ˜‰ 

The Super Bowl was last night and it was the most boring game of all time!! Lucy was a little upset that the Patriots didn’t make it.

And of course a Sunday around here isn’t complete without donuts!! 


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