Recent iPhone Photos

May used to be the calm before the end of school year storm. Not this year!! It seems like every month is bringing a longer to do list than the month before. Which means, no camera and very little iPhone photos. By very little I mean I only downloaded 137 from the past 17 days.

Emma got home the day before her birthday:


20!! Can you believe it??

Then Mother’s Day happened:

My crew


my gift


I’m obsessed!!

My baby


Mother’s Day selfies


Megan is wrapping up her tennis season


Chloe is wrapping up her track season


Megan made her Confirmation at church and Tracey was her sponsor




My little bird watcher






Beckett was pretty miserable yesterday after popping up a tooth


Actually, make that two!! I found the second one this morning


I have all 5 kids under one roof again, birthday season has officially begun and the end of school activities are right around the corner. Life is busy! And fun!!!



Father/Daughter Dance

You would think that by having 4 daughters that Jon would’ve been to a ton of father/daughter dances, but this was only his second one. No, maybe third. He took Emma to one in kindergarten and then again when she was in 2nd grade (I think). I remember the dresses she wore and conversations they had at both of them but I’m not totally sure of the grades. Anyways, that’s besides the point……

Lucy is the second daughter that he was able to attend one of these dances with. It was put on by her Girl Scouts.


This dress belonged to Emma. She wore it in a wedding when she was around Lucy’s age. I should put their pictures side by side. Twins!



He sent me a few pictures from the dance. I like this one when they’re on the “red carpet”


He also told me that he has never seen her have so much fun. She spent the entire time dancing the night away with her friends, Jillian and Mackenzie. I wish I would have thought to take a ride over there to snap a few pictures for myself. Maybe next year!!

Beckett James, Month Seven

Beckett favorites: Mickey Mouse, stacking cups and knocking them over, anything he can chew on, the remote control, the ceiling fan, his sisters, making noise, giving kisses, Daisy, going on walks, looking at himself in the mirror, dancing, yelling and talking, sharing food with mama and daddy.

Dislikes: bedtime

Sleeping: depends on the night. Some nights he will get up once, other nights he’ll get up two or three times. He normally does a stretch of at least 6 hours but he goes to bed so early it doesn’t really help me out. He is exhausted and asleep by 7pm every night. Even if we have a late nap. I’ve been trying to get him on more of a nap schedule during the day. I think it’s going to be harder now that Emma is home for the summer.

Milestones: Sitting up unassisted for a good chunk of time. Rolling front to back and back again. He pulls his knees under him and tries to push off if there is something out of his reach that he wants. He works hard and after a few minutes he’ll be able to grab it. Making the “M” sound…. mamammamamamamama…..thank you very much! He yells a lot and talks back to his sisters (or anyone else).

Wearing 6-12 month clothing and still fits into his size 1 Freshly Picked Mocs. Size 3 diapers.

Eating: still nursing every few hours. Eats 3 meals a day. Yogurt for breakfast and pureed fruits and veggies for lunch and dinner. He’s been eating little bits of our food at dinner time. Loved the pizza that Lucy made at her cooking class last week. Also loved the ice cream that daddy shared with him the other night.

7 month photos:


Life is just more fun with you in it!!